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Pierre Mantoux Willa Holdups

Ah gotta love a pair of holdups – even in winter weather! They just make a change from opaques and tights to be honest! I know a lot of people will be like ‘OMG are you not cold?’ – but to be honest, I can layer heavier on my top half so I can leave the legs with just hosiery on hehe!

So these were once again gifted and still working my way through (I have so many reviews to get through so now starting to mix and match it up!)

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S/M

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

So I kept it simple with my black (of course why you would expect anything different?!) shirt dress and added some block platform heels to give me a little height (and extent the legs to make them look longer than they are!)

I added small studs and left my hair down – I was going to do a ponytail but it wasn’t working out for me this morning so I gave up and just rolled with it.

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Shoes: New Look

Holdups: Pierre Mantoux


The Review

The Packaging: so it’s interesting as it had a separate small sheet with the model wearing the holdups at the front, but when you get into it, you find that it’s just sitting in front of the actual cardboard packaging.

It’s all silver and chic, very basic and straight to the point to be honest. When you get inside, they’re folded neatly around the card which states the following:

“Congratulation, with Pierre Mantoux you have chosen a pair of tights of the highest possible quality. We are sure that you will be satisfied by your choice. A product of high value like tights from Pierre Mantoux should be treated with the utmost attention and great care. Following our recommendations how to treat them you can be sure that they will remain in perfect condition for a long time.”

Then you will see a pictorial…

“How To Put Them On. Always remember to remove jewellery with mountings and edged stones from your hands before putting on the tights.

Now roll then completely up that waistband and toes come close together. Now you can begin to put them on, starting delicately with one of your feet.

Stretch the tights carefully over the calves and up to the thigh and then do the same with your other leg. Now you can pull the tights carefully to the waist.

How To Take Them Off. Starting with one leg roll the tights with your both hands carefully up to the ankle and slip them delicately off.

How To Store Your Tights. Keep them accurately upfolder where you also store your lingerie, if possible protected each by any kind of envelope. Always protect them with a special kind of envelope when travelling than keeping them unprotected in the luggage.”

Warranty of Quality. With more than 70 years of experience Pierre Mantoux dedicated all its skills and care to manufacturing a perfect product. The employment of only premium quality and innovative fibres, of advanced technology and of skilled workmanship result in silky-soft yet resistant hosiery of the highest possible quality: Pierre Mantoux hosiery excels in product finish due to the particular care of ultimate details like flat reinforced seams, reinforced or nude toes, preformed, gusset and exclusive waistband.”



Getting Them On: as these are folded horizontally so you get that gorgeous foot and calf shaping to them, it means these are gonna be mega easy to roll on. Make sure you use hosiery gloves when getting them on as the finish on these aren’t as smooth as you would think.

I got to say it was hard trying to get the horizontal lines (in the design) lined up straight on the legs, so you may see it go slightly bent-ish because that was me giving up trying to get it right (and I was beginning to run late for work!)



On The Legs: they fit so well and look gorgeous. I do love how they settle on bumps and lumps and under the knees too! I was impressed as these are meant to sit right under your bum, rather than me having to pull it higher so the band isn’t exposed (I normally have to do this with other hosiery which can ruin them I know!)

As I mentioned, these aren’t as smooth as you think, but then again they are the proper matte finish and don’t have a finishing ‘coat’ (I like to call it this) on them, which isn’t a bad thing to be honest.



The Design: is something else. Everyone at work loved them, and against a simple black dress it just stands out! You can always add patterns and textures with your clothing to this to make it blend in or create an even better statement piece, but for work I wanted to keep it smart casual rather than too dressed up.


I love how they incorporate the thick horizontal lines with florals, which gives it a nice twist! But I would mention be careful with thicker lines as this may not do favours for all leg shapes, so if you know horizontals aren’t your thing, I wouldn’t opt for these!

The florals are against a really thin net base, which makes it look more effective (I love it when they do this!)



The Toes: enough wiggle room and the design is worked all over them too as it starts right from the seams. This means all shoe types can be worn with them whether you want to close the toes off or leave them open and create a more fashionable piece.


The Band: now I thought the band looked massive for my legs, but when I got them on, they were just the right size for my thighs (I have thicker ones so it works better than thinner stick ones!) the silicone on these are just fab – strong to the point I had to use some strength to pry them away from each other at the beginning.


They hold up well all day without any issues; I kept taking them on and off to test them out and they actually were brilliant!


So the band itself isn’t anything fancy; just a nice thick plain one with a bit of satin-shine to them, but it works against the heavier pattern on the leg so I won’t complain there!



My Thoughts?

I think these are so awesome. The quality is great; managed to get no snags throughout the day and they look fab on! A really nice statement piece to be honest and with the double pattern on them, they can be dressed in many ways; feminine with a bit of edge or a more edgier look with a feminine touch! I don’t care, I am totally wearing these out again with a more statement outfit!

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