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Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights

Well well… Those legs are a statement piece aren’t they?! And damn right I want them to be! I got these before Christmas and didn’t get a chance to wear them to celebrate, so I’m keeping my little party going on the legs at work instead!

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The Spec

Colour: Black / Silver

Size: Small

Denier: 80

Materials: 62% Nylon, 28% Polyamide, 10% Lycra

Price: £29.95 / Sale £19.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights


My Outfit

So I kept it all professional like with the black winged dress and the black courts to let the legs do the talking for me.

I kept the earrings small and my hair down. You can always do a pony but it hurts my head after a while, so I don’t do one unless I need to!

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Pierre Mantoux

Shoes: Dune

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The Review

From The Website: The ever so popular Vertigo Tights are back but with a deluxe touch. The metallic lurex yarns, threaded into these luxury 80 denier glitter tights are exactly what you need to wow everyone at any type of special event. These stunning party tights are available in gold or silver and shimmer like no other glittery tights we’ve seen before. Add a little extra shine to your look with these fabulous sparkle tights.
62% Nylon, 28% Polyamide, 10% Lycra

– 80 Denier

– Sheer to Waist

– Metallic Lurex Yarns

– Soft Waistband


The Packaging: so Pierre always reminds me of Wolford with their packing; simplistic, effective and straight to the point. The front shows the model wearing the hosiery along with size and colour stated at the top with a peep window.

The back has a bigger window where you can fully see the hosiery along with a sizing guide.

Inside these are wrapped around cardboard which states the following (I have copied this from a previous review as it’s always the same):

“Congratulation, with Pierre Mantoux you have chosen a pair of tights of the highest possible quality. We are sure that you will be satisfied by your choice. A product of high value like tights from Pierre Mantoux should be treated with the utmost attention and great care. Following our recommendations how to treat them you can be sure that they will remain in perfect condition for a long time.”

Then you will see a pictorial…

“How To Put Them On. Always remember to remove jewellery with mountings and edged stones from your hands before putting on the tights.

Now roll then completely up that waistband and toes come close together. Now you can begin to put them on, starting delicately with one of your feet.

Stretch the tights carefully over the calves and up to the thigh and then do the same with your other leg. Now you can pull the tights carefully to the waist.

How To Take Them Off. Starting with one leg roll the tights with your both hands carefully up to the ankle and slip them delicately off.

How To Store Your Tights. Keep them accurately upfolder where you also store your lingerie, if possible protected each by any kind of envelope. Always protect them with a special kind of envelope when travelling than keeping them unprotected in the luggage.”

Warranty of Quality. With more than 70 years of experience Pierre Mantoux dedicated all its skills and care to manufacturing a perfect product. The employment of only premium quality and innovative fibres, of advanced technology and of skilled workmanship result in silky-soft yet resistant hosiery of the highest possible quality: Pierre Mantoux hosiery excels in product finish due to the particular care of ultimate details like flat reinforced seams, reinforced or nude toes, preformed, gusset and exclusive waistband.”



Getting Them On: so when you unravel them off the card, you will see these are moulded to the legs which means they are gonna be a snug fit for sure (I love this by the way)! Make sure you scrunch and roll and take special care over anklets that may catch onto them too! The last you need is a nasty snag or worse… a RUN!


Before I go into detail about the look etc… Just note that these are quite rough inside the leg so you may want to shave or wax before you slip into these as they will irritate hairs. I found that with some that are growing back from my laser session (due another one soon) or maybe cream them the night before or a few hours before you get them on to help.


On The Legs: wow! Just wow is all I can say to them to be honest! Even though they’re 80 denier, these so so sheer as well; your legs just starts to come through. From various angles, they shade differently; the top looking down they look more dense and silver, but front view they look sheer with a sparkle. This makes them super playful!

With the flash on, they have a purpley hint to them compared to normal daylight, which I absolutely love. It turns it into this creative piece which will instantly make your outfit pop.

The fit is just gorgeous; it really hugs your legs and stays put all day regardless off what outfit you wear. I say this as sometimes bodycons can stick to the material and make it move as you move, however you won’t have to worry with these at all.

Now I did mention that these felt a little rough inside… well you won’t need to worry about the outside as it’s a smooth feel all over (surprisingly!) I was half expecting them to catch or feel really gritty, but they actually don’t – BONUS!

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The Yarn: the silver works right from the toe seams all the way to the band; there is no way anything is stopping it .. And I love it. I love the fact that it’s so shiny and so glitzy that you can hardly notice the back base to them. I have had some before where they just shimmered through but were not this prominent!

I mentioned to begin with that these are rough on the inside, but don’t let that put you off though. The only thing you will need to do is maybe shave/wax/laser or whatever other hair removal process you go through before you slip these on… Trust me they are worth it as my legs looked gorgeous in them.


The Toes & Ankles: I don’t have a bad word to say at all when it comes to this section. The denier is thick enough to give the toes a little reinforcement with the additional support. There is plenty of wiggle room around the toes and the feet don’t feel any pressure being put on them during the day. The ankles don’t have any crinkles regardless if the foot is bent or pointing straight which means it’s like a glitzy 2nd skin!

In shoes, these are amazing to be in all day. You don’t feel any roughness, or like the yarn will be leaving marks on any pressure points. Sometimes you get patterned hosiery which can gently mark the skin after pressure has been applied, but with these you don’t need to worry at all!

The best thing is that these don’t slip in shoes either, especially if you have silky inner soles!


The Waistband & Gusset: okay so I expected these to irritate me a lot being in them the whole day, and not once did they! NOT ONCE!

The band is so comfortable to wear all day, and has plenty of elasticity in them too so you won’t be losing any stretch with multiple wears.

The inner gusset isn’t cotton, so I wouldn’t recommend going commando in these to be honest unless you’re brave to do so! It’s the same material that’s all around the tights!


My Thoughts?

I love these; one of the best statement party tights I own to date. Even though they are more suited to occasions, I would say:

Be wild and wear them whenever you got a good outfit to match it to, or just for the sake of it to make you happy!

I love the quality; not one snag was formed today in these. I love the shimmer to these and how they just transform the legs. I love the way they fit and feel (on the outside I mean here) and I certainly love how comfy that band is on them.

I can’t express how amazing these are… But I do hope you know with how many pictures I took for this blog instead!

8 thoughts on “Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights

  1. First have to say you have great looking legs. Now this review I love in fact have been thinking of getting a pair of these Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights myself love glossy or glitter tights so much thinking I do need to get these want both the gold or silver . Great review most of the time after reading your reviews inspires me to buy the ones you review like I need more tights have so many lol. Keep up the great work

  2. Nothing like a great pair of quality tights and people that say about the scratchy feeling of lurex tights. I tell them to put a pair of sheer pantyhose under them cures the scratchy feel for me.

  3. Just ordered these after reading your review knew I had to have these. Will arrive in about a week will open the package feel like a kid at Xmas time can’t wait til I can put these on.

  4. Just changed my profile photo to these Pierre Mantoux Vertigo black and silver glitter tights. Got them yesterday and took pictures today they are magnificent looking. As soon as I put them on I was in love with all aspects of these fantastic glitter look. Just stopped by to followed up with you and let you know my thoughts and to change my profile photo thank you so much for inspiring me to get these.