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Pierre Mantoux Vanity Tights

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in a pair of Pierre Mantoux hosiery! I have always wanted to review them and never got round to purchasing a pair, but I am so so glad that I have the opportunity to – all thanks to UKTights!!

I’ve heard a lot about the brand, both pros and cons (like you would), but I want to test these out for myself, and I have such a stunning eye-catching pair as my first!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S/M (Even though it states Medium on the packaging)

Price: £26.99 / Sale £18.99

Bought From: UKTights Pierre Mantoux Vanity Tights


The Outfit

Now I wanted to take myself back to how I used to dress for work; bold colours and bold prints, and that is exactly what I did. I went with a new electric blue jumper I bought a few days ago, with my black bodycon skirt and teamed up with my peep toe heels just for show!

I kept my hair up and messy and just added pearl studs to finish the look. I kept the top quite light only because I am working with a bold jumper and my legs are the statement piece in this!

My Deets

Jumper: Golddigga

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Pierre Mantoux

Shoes: Ajvani via Amazon


The Review

Before I get started, let me give you the lowdown from the UKTights website:

“* CHANEL inspired
* Contrasting pattern
* Lace panels
* Fishnet panels
* Fashion forward “
“Vanity is the perfect example of just how stunning a mixed pattern can be. It is a big part of the fashion world this season, mixed patterns, such as stripes on the top and love hearts on the bottom. It is ideal for those who want to wear items that are truly stunning and head turning through virtue of being so very visually unique. The gentle and organic floral lace contrasted against the angular stripes make for one of the most eye catching designs in the leg wear world.
The Packaging: Now I will be going into tons of details in this review as it’s my first time in this brand!
So the front is very simple but effective (once again like most luxury brands) with the model wearing the hosiery at the front along with the name of the tights at the side of it. The back shows the hosiery instead of peeking through a window.


Now getting inside the packaging, you will find another encasing around the tights:


And then a lovely diagram and info about the brand, the tights, and instructions on how to care for them:


“Congratulations, with Pierre Mantoux you have chosen a pair of tights of the highest possible quality. We are sure that you will be satisfied by your choice. A product of high value like tights from Pierre Mantoux should be treated with the utmost attention and great care. Following our recommendation how to treat them you can be sure that they will remain in perfect condition for a long time.”

“How to put them on. Always remember to remove jewellery with mountings and edged stones from your hands before putting on the tights.
Now roll them completely up so that waistband and toes come close together. Now you can begin to put them on, starting delicately with one of your feet.
Stretch the tights carefully over the calve and up to the thigh and do the same with your other leg. Now you can pull the tights carefully to the waist.
How to take them off. Starting with one leg, roll the tights with both hands carefully down to the ankle and slip them delicately off.”
“How to store your tights. Keep them accurately upfolder where you also store your lingerie, if possible protected each by any land of envelope. Always protect them with a special kind of envelope when travelling rather than keeping them unprotected in the luggage.”
The Waistband: is not something I took a picture of on me, but is something so gorgeous. It has a small label inside of the hosiery and then the name faintly printed around the waistband. Perfect little touch if you’re exposing and the sunlight hits it!
It’s not too slim, but a lovely comfortable band that holds up so well all day. The elasticity in this is just too great, and it doesn’t lose it at all throughout the day!



The Toes: are my heaven. They are reinforced and a lovely dark denier, so you know these aren’t gonna rip anytime soon! Luckily I have smaller nails at the moment, but I would love to text these out with longer nails!



The Design: now let me break it down for you firstly:

Top half: From a fishnet waist to print


Middle half: From print to fishnet band to print


Bottom half: From print to fishnet band to print


Now what I love about this design is that they have 3 different yet similar prints over the legs which is then separated by a fishnet band. One sits around the ankle and the other sat around my knees. This will vary is you’re shorter or taller!


The Quality: is just perfect. I was scared getting these on as I saw medium and thought these were going to be big on me, but it turns out they fit perfect. You will find that they are pretty tight nets, so you do need to open them out a bit when you get them on your legs. I had to which was surprising, but they fit like an absolute dream! They’re thick, they’re hard to snag (I ended up catching a few times) and they are certainly durable! Getting them over anklets is completely fine too, as I had no issues whatsoever with mine.

The Feel: is not as soft as you would think when you get them on, but they are really lovely and slightly smooth. I thought they would be quite rough to touch, but these aren’t at all and not the type of net that clothing would cling to either. If anything, my skirt started scrunching up when I was walking and had to keep pulling it down most of the day!


Between Flash & Natural Light: you can see a difference. I thought I would try it out to see whether the design popped more with or without it, and I will let you be th e judge of that one:



Overall Thoughts?

I am seriously crushing over these! They’re such a fab quality, and if you’re after a luxury pair but don’t want to hit Wolford prices, then these will be your next best. Not too cheap but perfect for a gift or a treat for yourself!

The design, the bold print and the thick denier is what had me with these. I wasn’t too sure when I first got them but now I love them.

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