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Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Tights

Now let’s play with lower deniers today – it’s been a while since I have done anything under 10 denier (these are 8) so let’s see if they’re just as good as my CdR pair I did a while back. Those were 5 denier and the lowest I have ever done!

If you didn’t catch that review, please click the link below (opens in a new tab):

Cecilia De Rafael Malaga Ultra Sheer Tights

The Spec

Colour: Visone

Size: Small

Denier: 8

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights – Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Tights

My Outfit

I went pretty casual today just because it was a nice day and I fancied a change from heels. I wore my NASA t-shirt (I love it to bits at the moment) paired with my high waisted bodycon skirt and I added my bow flat mules to finish it off. I got those gifted a while back and haven’t worn them for some time, so I thought it would be ideal if I’m going for the nude leg look.

My Deets

T-Shirt: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Pierre Mantoux

Shoes: off Amazon



The Review

From The Website: “Douceur” means gentleness or sweetness. This says more about what Pierre Mantoux is trying to achieve than any description can. Doucuer 8 is about the using only the minimum amount of fabric that’s necessary to create something beautiful and stunning. Doucuer is not held back by an overload of pattern and motif. It’s just your legs, given centre stage and allowed to flourish, nothing interrupting them. Doucuer 8 is the crown jewel of Pierre Mantoux’s sheer tights collection and one of the best quality sheers in the world.

* 8 denier
* Ultra sheer
* Beautiful fit
* 84% Polyamide
* 16% Elastane


The Packaging: if you haven’t come across their packaging before, these are pretty detailed:

Which I love by the way – the more you get to know about your hosiery before you get them on, the better!

The front shows the model wearing the pair in nude, and the back goes into more detail about the pair inside in various languages. When you get in, you will find these vertically folded so you get the leg and foot shaping, along with the card it’s wrapped around giving you tips on how to care and get your hosiery on (that’s if you’re new to all this)


Getting Them On: the hosiery gloves come on out for these as I wanted to be super careful on how I get these on. I took my time rolling up the feet and around the anklets, and then slowly up the leg giving it a tiny tug here and there. They sit perfectly on!



On The Legs: so before I begin, I used a mix of natural lighting and flash so you can see that delicate shine they have which some natural lighting photos didn’t take.

The quality of these are amazeballs; for 8 denier, these are sturdy and and quite hard to snag (that’s unless you’re being a little careless in them). I didn’t end up with any snags whatsoever, so overall I am super pleased!

The colour of them are fantastic; they add this gorgeous subtle tan to the legs, which obviously brightens when flash hits it. One thing I really do like is how natural they look, and that’s with the help of the tights being low denier so they give a make-up finish rather than look like you’re wearing tights.

The fit of them are true to size; I felt these fit me well from the toes to the waistband, and I did have a little amount of stretch in them for comfort so I would make sure you try to get the best possible size by checking out their sizing guide. If you’re unsure, you could always go one size up.

The feel of them are so silky and so smooth, I couldn’t stop touching my legs all day. They were such a gorgeous pair, which can work for day and night now that summer is here!


The Toes & Ankle: now this is interesting as the toe seam is lighter than the actual tights. You can really tell in the section ‘Getting Them On’ – and the fact that they are reinforced is so much better!

Not only do you get the reinforcement, but you can always wear these with almost any open toe shoe or sandal if you liked! I thought that was a neat idea and it’s not too noticeable unless you pay super close attention.

There is plenty of wiggle room in these and no extra material around the sides of the toes either. They allow the feet to breathe nicely and were not an issue whatsoever throughout the day.

Around the ankles, these are a lovely fitted finish.


The Waistband: as you can see, the waistband sits just above the belly button on me, but has such a comfortable finish to them. They are soft and don’t irritate, they hug the waist so nicely and they don’t fall down whatsoever no matter how many times you taken them down and pull them up. Around the band, there is some reinforcement before it works down into the 8 denier (which is great) so you don’t have to worry about being too careful.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I do love these; it’s a lovely make-up finish on the legs and perfect for those who don’t really like wearing tights. It’s so thin and delicate, which makes them perfect for that natural look on the legs. The quality is superb, and the colour is just to die for if you’re after a natural tan!

I would totally recommend these!

5 thoughts on “Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Tights

  1. These look amazing! They accentuate your already amazing legs very well if I may say! Thank you again for sharing your great hosiery finds! 🧡❤️

  2. There’s that ‘is she or isn’t she’ moment again. You really have to wonder whether there’s actually anything there at all.

    Soft subtle silky gorgeousness, right there 😍👍👌