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Pierre Mantoux Damasco Lace Tights

Oh yes! When it comes to lace and intrictate designs, I am ready! These types of hosiery are my ultimate favourite and I love it when they create this amazing artistic piece on the legs!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

 Denier: Unknown

Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Price: £28.95 / Sale £14.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Pierre Mantoux Damasco Lace Tights


My Outfit

Now with my outfit, I’m slightly copying what I used to do ages ago; wear prints with lace to make some damn noise! I used to have a massive thing for stripes with statement hosiery and plain shoes. I don’t know why, but to be, it worked.

I wore my bodycon dress, along with those damn Dune court shoes again and left my hair down.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Dune

Tights: Pierre Mantoux


The Review

From The Website: These gorgeous lace patterned designer tights are the missing piece to your hosiery collection! Throughout the years lace has become a very popular hosiery trend and with this luxury style, you can take the look from the runway straight to your legs. These attention-grabbing lace pantyhose feature a sheer to waist brief so you don’t need to worry about hemlines or shadows under your clothing. Also including a cotton gusset for a comfortable and breathable wear and a soft waistband featuring the Pierre Mantoux logo. Pair these fashion lace tights with a little black dress and heels, allowing the tights to be the main event to your outfit. Perfect for the fashion-forward lady. 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

– Net Denier

– Sheer to Waist

– Cotton Gusset

– Unique Lace Pattern Design


The Packaging: their packing is simplistic, effective and straight to the point. The front shows the model wearing the hosiery along with size and colour stated at the top with a peep window.

The back has a bigger window where you can fully see the hosiery along with a sizing guide.

Inside these are wrapped around cardboard which states the following (I have copied this from a previous review as it’s always the same):

“Congratulation, with Pierre Mantoux you have chosen a pair of tights of the highest possible quality. We are sure that you will be satisfied by your choice. A product of high value like tights from Pierre Mantoux should be treated with the utmost attention and great care. Following our recommendations how to treat them you can be sure that they will remain in perfect condition for a long time.”

Then you will see a pictorial…

“How To Put Them On. Always remember to remove jewellery with mountings and edged stones from your hands before putting on the tights.

Now roll then completely up that waistband and toes come close together. Now you can begin to put them on, starting delicately with one of your feet.

Stretch the tights carefully over the calves and up to the thigh and then do the same with your other leg. Now you can pull the tights carefully to the waist.

How To Take Them Off. Starting with one leg roll the tights with your both hands carefully up to the ankle and slip them delicately off.

How To Store Your Tights. Keep them accurately upfolder where you also store your lingerie, if possible protected each by any kind of envelope. Always protect them with a special kind of envelope when travelling than keeping them unprotected in the luggage.”

Warranty of Quality. With more than 70 years of experience Pierre Mantoux dedicated all its skills and care to manufacturing a perfect product. The employment of only premium quality and innovative fibres, of advanced technology and of skilled workmanship result in silky-soft yet resistant hosiery of the highest possible quality: Pierre Mantoux hosiery excels in product finish due to the particular care of ultimate details like flat reinforced seams, reinforced or nude toes, preformed, gusset and exclusive waistband.”



Getting Them On: so when you unravel them off the card, you will see these are moulded to the legs which means they are gonna be a snug fit for sure (I love this by the way)! Make sure you scrunch and roll and take special care over anklets that may catch onto them too, especially with them being lace!


On The Legs: oh they are gorgeous and fit so well! They aren’t too tight or anything, but they are super snug and you know these won’t be budging anytime soon!

The denier is just great to give it that statement look. It’s a shame that it doesn’t state it anywhere what it is, but I’m gonna pin it down at 60 or maybe 80? Either way I am not complaining!

The feel of them are great; they are so soft and quite smooth for lace to be honest. It’s one that wouldn’t catch too easy, but you still would need to be careful though!

There isn’t any gapping areas in these which is fab; I’m talking about around the ankles and under the knees etc. Normally you do with lace and nets, but these are just a smooth finish on the legs like clingfilm to a sandwich!

The quality is superb on these; I find Pierre Mantoux amazing to be honest; it’s just as good as Wolford I gotta say, and being a luxury brand it needs to be too!

The only thing you will find with these is that they do leave markings if you apply pressure onto the lace; so just be mindful of that when taking them off.


The Toes & Ankles: so toes and ankles. There is plenty of wiggle room for the toes. You do get a plain denier strip going across the front and back (I am hoping that reinforcement but a part of me is saying it’s not) – either way the design starts from this. Mine ended up moving during the day so you will see it slightly bent-ish!

Around the ankles there is no creasing of lace anywhere, which means it’s a damn good fit!


The Waistband & Gusset: so comfortable! The band is branded with the name going across it (it’s quite faint) with that sitting around the belly button area; not too high or too low. It stays up all day which is great and it doesn’t budge. It’s not one that digs into you either after eating too much or rolls over itself when it feels like it.

The gusset is there, a cotton one, so all good to go for you commando-ers!

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My Thoughts?

I think these are stunning; a true statement pair which you can dress up or down; formally or informally. The quality is just amazing and if you’re after a durable pair, this is one to go for.

I love the fit and feel of them and the way they actually make my legs look so good!

One thought on “Pierre Mantoux Damasco Lace Tights

  1. Great review love the look they are very nice and not only fashionable but classy to. Love your blogs without them wouldn’t have known other styles and colors. Has inspired me to buying other styles once I seen you wearing them. And once I bought a pair of one’s you reviewed put them on I just loved the look so much I just had to do photos of each pair naturally in a fashion look. Thank you so much for all your reviews.