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Philippe Matignon Ultra-Sheer 8 Den Tights

Well what do we have here? Now this a brand that I saw in a shop called Golden Point when I was in Malta. I also saw the store in Milan!

Now this store does sell it’s own brand, however they also stock Philippe Matignon, which is the ‘better brand’ as they call it.


About Philippe Matignon

Elegance and grace, style and femininity, seduction and attention to detail, these are the characteristics that make Philippe Matignon collections unique.

The sophisticated and sensual French essence blends with the Italian style and quality creating beautiful ranges of tights, hold-ups, leggings, clothing, knee-highs and ankle-highs.

Philippe Matignon is the “tights designer” that thanks to relentless research and to innovative knitting techniques, meets the demands of the modern women’s world, in every aspect.

Philippe Matignon positions itself at the top of sophisticated elegance and takes care of all the women’s detail, making her unique and seductive in her everyday life and on special occasions.

An affordable French oriented luxury for a charming style that every season renews itself with the most up to date fashion collections.

The Spec

Colour: THE 3250

Size: Small / 2

“8 den ultra sheer tights with seamless invisible brief panty. Waistband with logo “”Philippe Matignon”” for a perfect regular fit. Treatment with silver molecules assures a comfortable sensation all day long.”

Price: Unknown



My Outfit

Nothing beats a bit of simplicity from time to time; a black skater dress with black strappy heeled shoes is what I went with.

After reading what I put above, I need to update my wardrobe with a bit of colour I think!

My Deets

Dress: New Look

Shoes: Simmi Shoes

Tights: via Golden Point



The Review

The Packaging: as you can see below,  it’s pretty simple, but what I truly love is the amount of detail you see about these; on the front, at the back and also on the cardboard found inside with the hosiery wrapped around it.

The Front: Ultra-sheer 8 den tights, with innovative culotte effect seamless bodice to make it invisible.

The Back: Ultra sheer 8 den tights, with innovative culotte effect seamless bodice to make it invisible. Waistband with Philippe Matignon logo.

Inside Card: Philippe Matignon signs a new tights that enhances beauty and sensuality of every woman an ultra sheer seamless tights. Panty with coulotte shape perfectly invisible it’s ideal for wearing under close-fitting clothes to enhance femininity. The back of the product is indicated by the logo Philippe Matignon located inside the waistband.


These are found vert nicely wrapped inside with the pressed horizontal lines, so you can use this to help you perfectly get on your hosiery without any problems.


Getting Them On: you will see that these have a cute little panty-shape on them. You will also find that these are horizontally folded, which means follow the lines to get the perfect line up first time round!



The Toes: these aren’t reinforced so I would be mindful of having long toenails if you decide to get a pair like this. They’re completely sheer and there isn’t that patch where the denier or colour is different.



The Waistband: now the band does look pretty thick, but honestly it’s so comfortable. It has got to be one of the nicest I have worn for a while. It doesn’t sit as high as you would imagine; a lot of mine sit belly button level, but these are slightly lower which makes a change!



How The Feel: they are so damn silky! And I mean just water could glide right off it! If you’re looking for the ‘barely-there’ look, then these are a pair to go for in seamless. They give you that light make-up coverage. You can hardly tell I’m wearing any, until the light hits.. Keep on scrolling down 😉



The Colour On The Legs: the colour really suited my legs; it was one that was a little darker than natural (sometimes natural is a hit or miss) but these were just perfect. That shine on them just did it for me too; I didn’t expect them to glisten that much in the light, but it was one of those that just goes BAM when you step outside! A subtle tan without even trying these are!!!



My Thoughts?

I would certainly recommend these for those who don’t like hosiery too much, but want something that makes their legs look a little nicer. Plus you cannot go wrong with that glisten on them! It’s to die for! For the first time giving these a go, I really have fallen for them. They’re absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t spend a lot on them either, which is a bonus!

If you’re ever around a Golden Point, pop in and see if they stock them. The one in Malta did, but when I went to Milan, they only stocked the swimwear side!

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