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Philippe Matignon Nudite D’or 20 Tights

Back into sheers we go, but today isn’t mainly about the tights, it’s about this bargain skirt I found on eBay!

I was casually scrolling through finding some key pieces to add to my wardrobe, and I came across this little treasure. It was going for like £3 brand new as it didn’t fit someone… And BOOM! It was mine! Retail price you’re looking around £20 minimum!

So I’m happy!

The Spec

Colour: 1501 – Black

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 89% polyamide, 11% elastane

Denier: 20

Price: Unknown

Website: NUDITÉ D’OR 20


My Outfit

My skirt was my statement piece today. I went for a polo neck t-shirt (bodycon of course), paired with a bold skirt, and added some cute bow shoes! Any type of formal heel would work, but I wanted to make it more playful with the bold!

I left my hair all curly and frizzy for a change and just added studs. I did wear a long necklace with this, but took it off in the end as it just kept annoying me!

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: Marks & Spencers

Tights: Philippe Matignon

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon




The Review

From The Website: 20 denim veiled tights. Innovative body-seamless, non-stitched cuff-shaped design with a personalized anatomic strap with Philippe Matignon logo on the back for a perfect fit. The presence of silver ions provides a pleasant feeling of well-being throughout the day.

The Packaging: once again it’s simple but effective enough making it look luxurious. The front showed the model wearing it with a window next to her showing the colour inside the pack. The back showed the following:

Sheer 20 den tights, with innovative culotte effect seamless bodice to make it invisible. Waistband with Philippe Matignon logo.



Getting Them On: I would advise hosiery gloves to begin with babes – because these are delicate as anything! They were fine over anklets, but when it comes to sheers like this, I would be extra vigilant not to get a snag! – So I managed to roll these up fine without any issues and they say comfortably on me.



On The Legs: they look fab! I love how they’re an even denier all around – you may need to push up or down to smooth out any little crease bits but otherwise you’re good to go here! I seriously am loving the way they make my legs look and feel too! They are super smooth, where your legs glide off each other and the denier is just a perfect coating on the legs not making it too dark (depending on the lighting as seen in the two contrast pics below!)

Perfect for day or night I say!


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The Toes: sheer pleasure right here! I opted for closed shoes, but damn I should have done peeps (if my nail varnish wasn’t chipping away!)

There is enough wiggle room in these and I was actually surprised that my nails didn’t manage to rip right through! I was so worried that they would because they are quite long, but the tights SURVIVED!!!!



The Waistband: one of the most comfortable I have been in for a while! I do love seamless because it’s all about comfort (in my eyes). A lot of people don’t normally wear underwear in these (not telling what I do here by the way!) – which I can understand (each to their own) – but these are perfect for those tight fitting dresses where you don’t want seams popping out!

The band is dead comfortable and it stays put – no rolling down, no curling in, no nothing! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do!

Now there is a slight knicker design on these; nothing fancy, but it’s just an imitation like you’re wearing a pair 😉




My Thoughts?

Can you tell just how much i am in love with them? Even though they’re on standard black sheers, they just felt so nice and looked so good with the outfit! It was perfect coverage and the perfect shade if you’re still wanting to show off those pins in A/W!

2 thoughts on “Philippe Matignon Nudite D’or 20 Tights

  1. Interesting as usual. Look good on the legs. But on you, they nearly all are. Not so keen on knicker design around the hips. I prefer plain tights through which you can see actual knickers. Thanks again.