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Philippe Matignon Holdups & Gatta Shelly Bodysuit

So I’ve been a little cheeky; this is the second time I am wearing these and doing a review. I had a night out not long back and these were the pair I went with, but I was a little merry to get any pictures done (let alone rocking up at 4am back home), so I had to get myself back in them again to do the official review!

The best thing is that I’ve experienced them both day and night, so it will make an interesting review woop!

I’m gonna do a bit of a double review this time, as I’ve got some Gatta clothing to get through so thought I would incorporate it all into one!

The Spec for Philippe

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide / 15% Elastane

Price & Website: Unknown


The Spec for Gatta

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

So I decided to go a little ‘mamacita’ by doing black with my statement skirt and red shoes.

I went with the Gatta bodysuit, along with my tulip skirt, the holdups and (of course!) the red heels which worked perfectly!

I left my hair down and just added studs to finish the look!

My Deets

Top: Gatta

Skirt: Unbranded

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon



The Review for Philippe

The Packaging: very simple and minimalist as I’ve experienced before. It shows a small image of the model wearing the holdups in the left corner and in the middle is the window so you can see the texture and colour inside. The back is pretty plain Jane:

“Semi-sheer elasticated 20 den. Hold-ups in matt tulle.. Luxury elasticated silicon top in floral lace. Sandal toe.”


Getting Them On: so the 1st time I got them on for the night out, they went on really easily. You need to use the scrunch and roll as I go have a feeling that these would snag if they’re caught! The 2nd time I got into them I managed to get myself a little hole on the leg! I was not impressed!


Always make sure that the silicone bands are facing outwards so you get them on with ease rather than facing in and gripping every part of your leg!



On The Legs: they aren’t that soft; if anything they’re like a smooth net which makes your legs look damn great! I was a bit surprised at first as I expected sheers, but this is even better. It hides any imperfections on the legs really well. I have to admit I managed to get a few snags and small holes in these, but it’s nothing that would run down the leg which is just amazing!

^^ (By the way these two images were from my might out – hence the change of shoes) ^^



Snagging Issues: okay so not gonna lie these do snag easy. I got two holes in total and a few little snips here and there, but the bonus thing is that they don’t go any bigger (unless you forget to hairspray it to stop it from expanding!). I was miffed as it is very noticeable, but nothing to stress too much about.



The Toes: so the strangest thing happened in these; they managed to take my nail varnish off from the inside. I made sure that they were dry before I put them on, and it literally just crumbled inside! Aside from that, the toes are really good on these. They’re sturdy and I had no issues whatsoever with them.



The Band: both times they have felt secure and they held up well too. The 1st time was the tester point as being on a night out, your legs perspire when you’ve got tons of alcohol in you, and these carried me right on through the night! The 2nd time at work, these were brill. They weren’t as sticky as the 1st time, but they still held well and I had no issues with them at all.



My Thoughts?

I loved this combo! The holdups are just amazing (regardless of the snags), the quality is great for what you get and I would certainly wear these again. It makes a change from doing the smaller lace tops!



The Review for Gatta

I’m going to sum this one up for you al rather than going in-depth. Don’t worry I have plenty more that I need to be doing!

So I accidentally binned the packaging a while back (I’ve had this for so long I knew I needed to review it at some point!), but it was very neatly wrapped and came in a small box with the model wearing it at the front (an actual model this time).

It didn’t say much to be honest; it’s one of those you need to get it on to see what it’s really like.


I have to say I thought it looked quite big for me, but once you get it on, it isn’t so bad. I would say this would fit more of a bigger UK 8-10, as I’m more on the smaller side so it did look slightly baggy on the waist.



So one thing I did like about this was it has a press stud close at the back of the neck, so you get a better fit around the neck. It is pretty stretchy here so it wouldn’t feel too tight on you during the day.



The closure at the bottom around the private areas is hooks; I find these so much better than press studs as sometimes they can loosen over time and wear. But hooks are always a great idea; these are triple, so you feel more secure rather than having the 1 or 2!



The arms did fit quite nicely; it could have been slightly more fitted if they had a smaller size, but I can’t complain here to be honest.

The design is pretty different; this is one that you need a strapless bra with. Obviously I had to wear one underneath as I was wearing this to work, but to get the full effect, strapless is the way forward. It’s a very fine mesh sheer at the top and then has a straight cut of and becomes solid.

The plus side is if you have big boobs, it takes the emphasis away from them. the downside for small boobs is that it makes them look even smaller, and doesn’t really do anything for that area so bear that in mind.



Overall I think it’s pretty decent and it can be work with smart or casual wear. It fits pretty nice if you’re slightly bigger than me, and the quality is really good too; nothing that would ruin that easily.


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  1. Today Soni looked hot in the red heels and black stockings a red seam up the back of her legs would of put icing on a cake for me