Petalum PU Leggings

Back into PU we go, only this time in leggings! I got these gifted a while back, but only got the chance to pull them out now as the weather starts to cool down. I thought it would work for a casual day at work paired with a jumper and heels.

So how do you think this review is gonna go down?

I was asking this question to everyone at work today… And the answers I got were so mixed, everyone was intrigued what I thought in the end!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 8 (XL)

Materials: 80% Leather PU, 20% Elastane

Price: £7.99 

Website: Amazon – Petalum Women Leggings Stretch PU Leather Pants Shaping Hip Push Up High Waisted Skinny Slim Tight


The Review

From The Website: High waist, Wrinkle-resistant, Stretchy, Full-Length, Ankle-pleated and Comfortable Leggings

1. There may be the difference of 1-3cm (0.4-1.2inch) due to manual measurement.
2. There may be a slight color difference due to the monitor setting and the light.
3. When washing colored clothes, wash them separately to prevent discolouration.

The sizes of the clothes are of Asian code, but we converted to UK SIZE.
Suggestion Size:
UK8(L): Length94cm/37.0″ Waist68cm/26.8″ Hipline80cm/31.5″
UK10(XL): Length96cm/37.8″ Waist72cm/28.3″ Hipline82cm/32.3″
UK12(2XL): Length96cm/37.8″ Waist74cm/29.1″ Hipline86cm/33.9″
UK14(3XL): Length98cm/38.6″ Waist74cm/29.1″ Hipline90cm/35.4″
The package includes: 1 * women Leggings.

Perfect for outings,Biker & Motorcycle riding, Club, Punk Rock party or Casual Wear in summer spring autumn and winter
80% Leather Pu, 20% Elastane
Occasion: Fancy night outings, Clubbing, Halloween,Christmas,Casual or daily wear,and easy to pair with T-shirts, Fleeces or any garment
For more products, please click on “Petalum” or “Eleery”
Our size is the size of the tag (Asian size), they are smaller than US/UK/AU size. Be sure to check that your body measurement really fits this set



The Packaging: as these were coming from China (most likely), these were not gonna be packaged up properly. These came as you see below; very basic, no card showing you them on a model or anything.

So in we go…

These are basically jeggings (jeans but leggings) with sewn down pockets and this weird elastic thing right in the middle of the butt! I think this is supposed to help enhance your curves so we shall put that to the test!


Getting Them On: as these are lined inside(they’re not fleece but some other snuggish material), they are easy to get on (but after a day’s wear hard to get off!)

I just pulled them straight on, and then I heard some rips! I hope to god I haven’t just created a hole! I then realise that it was the middle butt stitching that started to un-stitch itself!

Moving on…



On The Legs: they actually don’t look bad to be honest. You can tell these aren’t fully fitted to the legs and act more like slim trousers than clingy leggings. As you can see I rolled mine up a little (and did one up one down so you could see the difference it made) to help enhance my height a tad.

On the legs, they look pretty good; a nice matte PU with wrinkles and crinkles around the knees and butt.

I gotta say your legs do start to get hot quite quick in these, so maybe a winter pair here! One thing that did annoy me was that horrible scrunch noise they make; it just sounds so fake and really irritates the hell outta me!

Around the butt, I saw that the middle butt stitch actually doesn’t really do anything to be honest. I felt like my butt still looked the same; nothing special or extra booty-licious!


Around The Ankle: so as you can see I rolled them up, exposing that fleecy-looking lining; it wasn’t too bad during the day but looking close up it doesn’t look that attractive! These do sit quite nice around the ankles; not fully fitted but a slight 1/2 inch either side of gapping which helps to get your foot into them.


The Waistband: now the waistband was a right nightmare! These are actually quite big on me, and the elastic was not in my favour!

The front sat fine on my waist, but the back I had to cover with a jumper to hide that little gap at the back. I could have easily but a belt with it, but these are super thin and it would look a little weird.



My Thoughts?

Erm… These are ok to be honest. Not the best quality, but then again you pay sod all for it. I would keep these for a night out really, one that you don’t mind if you don’t look after it well. They made too much noise whilst moving and the fit wasn’t as great as I thought it would have been! I even went for the smallest size they had (even though they were calling me XL!)