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Penti Heartmania Fashion Tights

I have teamed up with a great company, who are now selling Penti in the UK! I got my pairs before (reviewed below) when I visited Turkey, and I have to say they are hard to get hold of.

I have to admit I was slacking this year with love heart tights for Valentine’s as I chose to do vintage nylons instead. However I got sent this lovely pair to do a review on, with a cute design so let’s get blogging!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1/2 – S/M

Denier: 30

Materials: 80% Polyamide 14%Polypropylene 6%Elastane

Price: £9.50

Website: FashionTight – Penti Heartmania Fashion Tights

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My Outfit

I went super casual and cosy with my outfit today. I paired up my roll neck jumper with some basic white pumps. I wanted to do boots, but as I was rushing around I switched into these instead and brought the outfit to life!

My Deets

Jumper: George

Tights: Penti

Pumps: Primark



The Review

From The Website: Are you ready to create stylish and attractive combinations with Heartmania Pantyhose?

Taking the form of your legs with its flexible texture, Heartmania Pantyhose helps your legs look more attractive without slipping during the day, thanks to the pattern that fits well on the body.

The heart patterns on it add movement to the Heartmania Pantyhose. You can safely choose Heartmania Pantyhose, which offers a combination of elegance and comfort, thanks to its quality that is resistant to escape.

You can create eye-catching combinations by wearing Heartmania Tights with your skirts and dresses! Soft to the touch, perfect for all day comfort, are simply amazing!

Features a sleek shaping panty for extra smoothing and a Slim-Fit tights that creates a nice silhouette. Available in two sizes
Thanks to the particular characteristics of the material and the construction, these tights effectively contour the stomach, hips and buttocks.
Cotton gusset and invisible toes. All products in this exclusive line feature sandal toes to allow them to be worn in peep toe shoes.
The quality, the style, and the classic color makes these tights perfect for your wardrobe collection.
Recommended care instructions: Hand Wash inside out, No Bleaching, No ironing, No dry cleaning, No tumble dry.
Item specifics

Color : Black heart pattern

Composition : 80% Polyamide 14%Polypropylene 6%Elastane

Package Includes: 3 x Pantyhose .Three Pairs of High Waist Tights

Thickness: 30 DEN

Reinforced Toe: Extra strong toe area, which reduces laddering, extending the product life.

Made in Turkey. High quality Turkish textile.


The Packaging: is pretty eye-catching I have to say. You have the model wearing the tights on the front, which covers most of the right side. It also states the brand name, model and the denier too. The back goes into a little more detail about the pair, sizing guide and hosiery care.

When you get in, you will find these wrapped around promotional card, and flat folded so you get no leg or foot shaping.


Getting Them On: as these are a duo size, I had a lot of stretch in them, which meant I didn’t need to tug these up the legs. I could just loosely pull them up the legs and then set in place.

They were fine going over anklets as long as you take care when rolling over them.



On The Legs: so let me start of with mentioning the ‘darker patches on the legs. This tends to occur when you have more material gathering in one place than spread out on the legs. If these were XS-S, I wouldn’t have had an issue, but as these are S-M and are slightly long for me, I couldn’t tug them up the legs to give it a proper fitted finish. This resulted in patches where it’s darker on the leg as it doesn’t have anywhere else to go apart from wrinkling at my ankles (I refused to let that happen).

I also did notice that I manages to snag these super easy during the day. They didn’t catch onto anything, but I manages to just scrape my legs against something slightly rough and there you have it. Luckily I only ended up with a few discreet ones!

The fit of these are ok; a little on the bigger side for me, so I would say these run slightly large. Perfect for those who are slightly bigger in size as these would fit so well and you wouldn’t experience the ‘darker patching’ on the legs at all.

The feel of them are pretty rough; they are a complete matte pair and don’t have a smooth finish to them. This isn’t a bad thing, but something to note if that is what you look for in a pair. I felt the matte finish works well with the heart design.

The design itself is super cute; I love the red hearts scattered around the legs. I wish they were at the back too; they’re only on the front and up to the knees so the thigh is left plain black. You may find them not all symmetrical and in shape just to forewarn you!


The Toes & Ankle: these have a thin reinforced toe going across the front and back of the feet. These just about cover my toenails, which is great if you’re not a fan of larger reinforcements. It’s barely noticeable as well, hence why I had to stretch it out for you to see.

Around the feet and ankles, I managed to get a smooth fitted finish, however if these actually sat properly on the legs, they would be at the ankles wrinkling away.



The Waistband & Gusset: so the band is pretty slim, sits around the waist and holds the tights up well throughout the day. That is one bonus point to these. However, I did find them rolling down quite a bit during the day, which then started to bug me slightly. Luckily I wasn’t wearing anything fitted so you couldn’t see it through my clothing.

The band is elasticated well and it hugs the waist like I wanted it to. It is certainly a comfort band as I hardly felt it on whilst I was on the move, which I really did like.

The gusset is quite large in the middle of the tights, and is cotton so you have the option to wear with or without underwear too.

Oh before I forget to mention, these have reinforced boxer briefs to them, working from the band down to the top thigh. This was going to sit lower on my legs, but as I hiked them up a tad, they sat where they were supposed to in the end.



My Thoughts?

So overall not a bad pair to have to be honest, but this is a pair I can’t see lasting to be honest. They look lovely, they fit ok on my legs and they have plenty of stretch to them, but I feel they could have been slightly better. I would still recommend them for sure as I loved the design on them!