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Peep Toe Sandals by Essex Glam

So I totally got my reviews mixed up yesterday – this one was supposed to have been posted yesterday and my khaki cut out shoes needed to be today!

Anyways after all that kerfuffle…. A big thank you to a good friend @chefjona for these! They’re such a chic red and as they are that soft faux suede feel, oh they would work with a lot of outfits (yes this is including tights as well!)

  • I have to say these are extremely comfortable for a pair of killer peep toes!
  • They came packaged very well – individually wrapped along with extra heel caps and they had quite a nice fragrance to them. Not too sure if they perfumed by box before they sent it!
  • Easy to slip on and off your feet – you may need to extend the band that goes around the front of the foot a little to get your foot in if you find it too tight.
  • The buckle is a standard buckle – not like the ones that I have shown you all previously.
  • Due to the platform on these, your aren’t standing on the balls of your feet – your foot will pretty much stay flat so it’s a lot easier to walk in and won’t cause major discomfort.
  • Just for the record – these are 6.1 inch heels with a 1.9 inch platform and do not feel like it whatsoever!

I would pair this up with a nice black, white or red midi dress with either nude or black sheer tights to give it that more elegant look.

I find these shoes can make your outfit look totally wrong and vulgar if it has been teamed up incorrectly, so do be careful.

I would stay away from shorts, miniskirts and mini dresses with these type of heels. If you are a chameleon who can get away with doing these with a pair of tights and killer heels, then by all means.


Just one thing to look out for is that the material is a faux suede so when you are out and about, just make sure that you are careful not to get these scuffed or anything spilt on them as it would be a nightmare to clean.


Would I recommend these? Yes I would if you are looking for a type of shoe that I would wear on an evening out or date night. I wouldn’t really wear these in the day time unless I had a special event that would require these!


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