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Pc Soni Panda

So I just had to do a blog on this seeing as I was rocking my Gatta Nadette Tights for this one. Forget the bare legs on this one – tights and thigh high boots are the ones!!!

To read my review on these pair, follow the link here > Gatta Nadette


So it was my best friend’s hen do and we decided to go to Birmingham to celebrate. We first started off with a Flirt and Seduction class to kick it off, ate at Tipu Sultan (as we’re hungry cows) and then the party started!

We thought we would be different and dress up and do some role play rather than just glam up like all the other ladies normally do, and oh my god it went down a treat!!! Everyone loved it and it had to be one of the best nights of my life! We made so many new friends, and had banter with so many people! Who knew people wanted to voluntarily get arrested hey?!


Why did I choose to do tights with my outfit? Well compared to bare legs, let’s say it had more sex appeal to it! I didn’t want to show off too much leg as the dress is pretty small, so I thought why not? I didn’t do proper fishnets, but opted for my Gatta Nadette tights as it looks like a sheer pair under some fishnets and it was the perfect touch to the look.


I also went red-lipped and topped with grey eyes just to add to the look – it’s pretty fun when you dress up and look like someone else!


So here is the outfit lovelies! I hope to God there are more nights out like this to come!


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