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Pandas, Nets & Jeans

Now  this blog is more about showing off my new Panda t-shirt that I got from Forever21 on Friday last week! I was dying to wear it, but didn’t want to pair up with a skirt. So I decided to go for my ripped jeans. I then realised that something was missing and I couldn’t quite work it out until I realised that I wasn’t wear a pair of tights for the first time in ages, and I definitely wasn’t having that!

So out comes some nets that have been in the back of the wardrobe for a very long time. I got these pair from TimeforTights a few years back and wore the hell out of the for a while – this was before I got into my reviewing and it was more about OOTD posts. Now was the time to get them back out and show the world that amazing unique design once again. A while ago I was into my nets and heavy lace designs a lot (wasn’t into sheer as much then) so when I got sent these because I loved them so much, I wore them with almost everything – but never with a pair of jeans.

Now as the fashion is changing and the current is tights and jeans, well I thought why not hey? It was going to be a sheer pair underneath, but then I decided I wanted my outfit to be egdey rather than cute (well maybe a tad bit of cute) so I went for it.

I know a lot of you don’t agree with jeans and tights and to be honest I never did, but I have to say I see all these females now doing this combo when it was something that wasn’t around before or when it was, it was more of a ‘punk’ or ‘goth’ thing to do; funny how times change right? I know my mindset has on it, and not because I am ‘following the trend’ (as that is something I don’t allow myself to do – I’m known to be different) but more because it makes your outfit more than what it seems. It adds extra when you think it doesn’t have the potential.

So here we have a cute top half and a raw bottom half (with my bootie slippers to finish off the look as I am spending the day at home today catching up on all of my reviewing!)

My Deets:

Top: Forever21

Jeans: New Look

Tights: TimeforTights

Slipper Boots:  Debenhams


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