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Pamela Mann Powerful Wide Net Printed Tights

Can I just express how happy I am that Fishnet Friday is back in my life?! I had so many nets at one point that I could continuously do this, but that died down for a good while… So I am excited that I have some in my life once again!

The Spec

Colour: Multi-Coloured

Size: One Size

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 85% Nylon 15% Elastane

Price: £9.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Pamela Mann Powerful Wide Net Printed Tights

10% Off Discount Code: Panda10

My Outfit

Now let’s do some colour blocking seeing as I’m in a good mood 🙂

I wore my ribbed bodysuit paired with my scuba skirt and my matching heels. I didn’t actually realise I had matching heels until I paired them together – and to think I have had this skirt and those heels for years as well!

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: River Island

Tights: Pamela Mann

Heels: Schuh



The Review

From The Website: Festival season is in full swing! Stand out at your chosen festival in these amazing, bright printed wide net tights. Pamela Mann has taken the classic wide net finish and created the perfect accessory for any festival or rave. Featuring a soft printed waistband for an all-day comfortable wear, and close-knit toe for reinforcement and durability. Pair them with some ripped jeans or with your holiday style two-piece. The possibilities are endless. 85% Nylon 15% Elastane

Net Denier
Soft Printed Waistband
Large Net Finish
Sheer to Waist Brief


The Packaging: now this is packaging I like!! Very clean, eye-catching, simple and straight to the point. It shows you the model wearing the hosiery on the front and the back is just the sizing guide and composition.

When you get in, you will find that the front card can be removed, and the hosiery is folded around card. I am impressed that there was no plastic packaging with these tights!

Okay – so the first issue I see is how long these actually are. There is very little elastane in the hosiery itself, which makes it more nylon! I am now dreading getting these on if I am being honest!


Getting Them On: so it took me roughly 30 minutes to get these on. It took a while to scrunch each leg, and then try to even in out on the legs. As there is so much material, you don’t actually get a wide net look on the legs.

Plus doing this without a sheer pair on underneath makes it even harder as it kept getting stuck in-between my toes!

These were fine over anklets, however it did get caught in some. The tights were not tugged as there was so much material – but it just warped a little.


On The Legs: so playful and colourful I am loving it!

The quality of these are ok – pretty basic, but does the job I should say. There isn’t much to say about them to be honest as they were great on the legs.

The fit of them are just weird; you could be any size and they would fit you. I had so much extra material which you will see when the netting is gathered under the knees. That is what I had to do to get the wide fishnet look rather than the normal net. I cannot believe how much material you get with these. I really had to space it out as much as I could without it having to wrinkle around the ankles!

The colour I just love; it makes it easier to pair with almost anything or just wear on a casual under ripped jeans. I loved my pair for sure!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes have a very small capping to it, to the point the baby toe sticks out! My nails were super short as well, so I couldn’t see the length being an issue.

There is plenty of wiggle room in these as you can tell and no pressure is added at any point as there is extra material all around!

Around the ankles, they did stay as a fitted finish when I finally get them how I wanted.


The Waistband: a very slim one but one for show! I would totally put mine on show if I was wearing jeans!

It’s comfortable, it has very little elasticity to it which means it can lose that grip quite quickly. It worked for me to be honest, but I don’t see this pair lasting a long time.

There is no gusset to this pair either, so do make sure that you don’t end up twisting it around when you’re getting them on as I easily did and had to start again!



My Thoughts?

I do love this pair as it’s so unique and so fun, but in terms of practicality and durability I don’t see these lasting. They are super long so you don’t get a proper fitted finish on the legs, the elastic in the waistband isn’t that great and I feel that these will only work for a short period of time.

Nevertheless, I would totally recommend them as a festival pair, but I would need to buy a few to last me a while!

One thought on “Pamela Mann Powerful Wide Net Printed Tights

  1. These are different and I love different these look great on your legs. I have a wide net but are black and paired them with a glossy pair of pantyhose. And have to say the glossy hose under they look fantastic on this is how I would pair these.