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Pamela Mann Orchid Leaf Net Tights

I could have easily done this blog for tomorrow, but I was too eager to show off this gorgeous heavy net design a day earlier. This pair was sent by Pamela Mann themselves along with a small bunch for me to try out, and I am super excited to try these.

I did a heavy pattern before, and I had so much stretch in them it was unreal – it was great but I ended up losing most of the design. To catch that review, please click on the link below (opens in a new tab):

Pamela Mann Paisley Net Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 50-60

Materials: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane

Price: £8.99

Website: Pamela Mann – Orchid Leaf Tights (Black)

My Outfit

I had no idea to wear these with this morning, so I opted for the usual black and white look and layered up a little with it to give it some oomph! I paired my t-shirt dress with my open cardigan, added some trainers and threw on my hat!

My Deets

T-Shirt: Jennyfer

Cardigan: GAP

Tights: Pamela Mann

Trainers: Forever21

Hat: Accessorize

Choker: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

From The Website: Beautiful floral net tights with stunning orchid leaf detail.

Composition: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane
Code: NT8834-OS-BK – 5055419658705 – One Size Black
Code: NT8834-XL-BK – 5055419658712 – 16-18 Black
Code: NT8834-XXL-BK – 5055419658729 – 20-24 Black


The Packaging: is pretty simple with Pamela Mann. They tend to have the same (or similar) packaging when it comes to their brand, so you can spot it from a mile away. The front shows the model wearing the pair on the front and the back goes into little detail about the hosiery, including care, sizing and composition.

When you get in, you will find these with a slim piece of car inserted into one leg (which really did annoy me so bad) but hey nothing I can do about it!


Getting Them On: I have to say these are an easy pair to get on as there is so much stretch to them, you shouldn’t have any issues. Mine were fine to roll right up the legs once I got past my anklets as I didn’t want them catching on at any point.



On The Legs: well I have to say I am loving this design a little more than the previous pair I did, purely because you can actually see the pattern this time and it doesn’t look so dark on the legs.

The quality of these are great; I found them to be amazing all day without encountering any issues. As I mentioned before, these have so much stretch in them that they would pull before they could rip so it gives you a chance to save them!

The fit of them are great on the legs; I didn’t have much gapping behind the knees or have them falling down anywhere so I was super happy here. One size can be great, but sometimes they can work against you especially if they are a heavy pair – whether that be due to the net or the denier being high. I found these to be fine on my legs.

The feel of them are soft even though they are completely netted. These don’t have a rough texture at all, and I do love when brands factor that in instead of just making it cheap and it feels horrible to be in.

The design is lovely; I have reviewed a similar pair many years ago and I loved them too. It’s one that can be worn with so many different styles; I did mine casual, but you could easily dress this for work or a night out.


The Toes & Ankle: as you can see below, the toes have a good amount of reinforcement to them, which I love. It won’t work well with sandals or open toe shoes that well (maybe peep toe as long as it’s small).

They toes have plenty of wiggle room to breathe and move, which I am happy about and there is no extra material on the sides of the toes either.

Around the ankles, it’s a nice fitted finish with no signs of any wrinkles.


The Waistband: now this is the part which I didn’t like. The waistband was pretty big on me, so I ended up having to fold them over a little so they could stay put and not fall down on me. I was pretty disappointed – I get that it needs to fit all sizes, but it’s a bit of a downer I must say.

Otherwise these were pretty comfortable to wear and they didn’t really fall down as much as I expected them to.

See the images below to see how stretchy and wide they were on me and how I folded them over to keep them up.



My Thoughts?

I do love the design and think they are a great net pair, but I would recommend these to the individuals who are slightly larger than me as these would fit you a lot better than they did me.

2 thoughts on “Pamela Mann Orchid Leaf Net Tights

  1. Blimey you could get 2 of you in there 😜 . . . but they doooo look so fantastic on your legs though 👍

    Not a subtle design by any means, they do catch the eye. I really like the look of those. Oh yes 😍