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Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Dotty Stockings

I’m feeling the polka dots at the moment, so let’s carry it on with the Pamela Mann Dotty Stockings. I gotta say I spent most of my morning trying to pair an outfit together with these; if I go proper smart, or maybe smart casual, or if I turn it and go modern-retro as these would be perfect with it.

I ended up doing a half review instead – so having the top and heels sorted, but not the skirt!

The Spec

Colour: Nude & Black

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 15-20

Materials: 37% Nylon, 57% Polypropylene, 6% Elastane

Price: £7.99


The Review

From The Website: These retro inspired tights feature elegant seam detail which elongates the leg and extends the silhouette. These stockings also feature a playful spot design, making them fun and unique.


The Packaging: is what you see below. It’s pretty basic and straight to the point. The model wearing them shows you what it looks like from the back on a separate sheet.

When you get in, you will find these folded around card and packed in their own plastic packaging. It also have foot and leg shaping to it, which will help you line up from the back a lot easier.


Getting Them On: as these are one size, these are pretty long for my leg length. I had to end up scrunching the welts a little so they sit right under my tushy. These were fine going over anklets and up the legs too.

I did have a lot of trouble lining up that backseam though as they don’t sit straight as much as you would like them to! And the fact that these have extra material in length, it moves on the legs so you will have to keep readjusting the seams at the back from time to time.


On The Legs: right so spending a day in them, I can give you my verdict…

The colour of these I have to say were slightly lighter than my skintone, which I was wary about to be begin with. I thought it would look a little pasty on the legs when I step outside, but to be honest they weren’t bad at all. I did a mix of images with and without flash so you can see the difference, and the images where the  flash has gone off, you can see these transform to a tan-like colour and have a cute little shine to them as well. You wouldn’t think it to begin with, but that;s what ended up swaying me after when some sunlight hit the legs during the day.

The quality of these are great; I had no issues being in them all day and they have enough stretch in them to hug your legs instead of squeezing them. I did find that the length was a little issue, but as a one-size pair there isn’t much you can do there. I did find these were fitted on the legs though which I was happy about. As a one-size pair I expected a bit of baggy-ness to them, but in fact it was the complete opposite; they fit me so well and the only issue I had was the backseam moving out of place every time the back of my legs rubbed or swayed against something.

The feel of these are lovely and soft, and I really liked being in them. They have a super soft coating on them so your dresses, skirts, shorts, trousers etc. will just sway by them rather than clinging on.

The design I really do love; a mix of polka dots and a backseam is one of my favourites. It just adds that touch of class and makes it going from a casual pair of stockings to an elegant classy pair. Another bonus you get is that these have a sole piece which then leads into the backseam – I love it when it does that so you can begin lining up right from the toe seams.


The Toes & Ankle: I am not too sure if the toes are reinforced on these (I would like to think they would be invisibly reinforced) but there is plenty of wiggle room for your feet and toes to move and breathe during the day. I didn’t feel like any pressure was added either or the sensation that they were being tugged back either.

Under the soles, you can see that panel which extends and then works into the backseam. I have to admit these don’t sit straight under the soles, so you may need to adjust from time to time if needed.

Around the ankles, it is a lovely smooth wrinkle-free finish.


The Bands: now the bands!! There is a fair bit I can say about these but let me begin with the width. So these are real thick, as you can see from the images below. It’s a thicker denier with no design on them at all and you can really stretch these out as well.

Now as these are super stretchy in length, the bands could actually go up my tushy – that’s how stretchy these are. They don’t just stay top thigh, so if you have long legs these would be perfect for you. I actually had to wrinkle them down a little and then clasp them so the whole leg sits as it’s supposed to without it running the risk of falling down later during the day.

These are comfortable for sure, but I am not too sure if these would fit larger legs, purely because there wasn’t a lot of outward stretch to them; so pulling them width ways, these could potentially fit a large at max.

I would also recommend a metal clasp with these instead of plastic, so you get a better grip on them. I tried it with plastic first and it was a right pain, so I switched to metal and they held up great all day.



My Thoughts?

I think these are adorable and a nice pair overall. I do love the design and the quality of them, but the length of them was a little issue for me as I’m quite short, so it didn’t really work in my favour in some parts.

 I would certainly recommend these 🙂

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  1. Hi Soni,just like go say that your review today is awesome🔥
    Your legs and feet in these nylons are looking stunning👌🏻
    Thank you very much Goddess and I wish you a lovely day gorgeous!

    Greetz Andre😘