Hosiery · Trasparenze

Trasparenze Rutilo Tights

More polka dots are hitting the blog - especially nude with black and a cute little garter band design to go with it! Now as I bought these from eBay some time ago (I just had to as they caught my eye as I was scrolling down), I managed to get hold of another company… Continue reading Trasparenze Rutilo Tights

Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Fancy 06 Tights

Gatta is back in my life .. and it ain't messing when they say it's fancy! I added these to my wishlist some time ago, and I am so glad that I finally have them in my life! Seeing as these are a mock suspender looking pair, I wanted to create a look that was… Continue reading Gatta Fancy 06 Tights

Gabriella · Hosiery

Gabriella Art Lodz Student Lippy Tights

And back into Gabriella we go, with another piece from the students at Lodz. I gotta say these are some proper quirky designs you know! The Spec Colour: Black Size: Small Denier: 20 Materials:  Price: £4.40  Website: eBay - Lippy Fun Modern Design Black Sheer Tights New Spring Collection By Gabriella My Outfit Keeping it… Continue reading Gabriella Art Lodz Student Lippy Tights