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Oversized Dresses & Nude Sheers

So this morning was a nightmare! I got my outfit all sorted last night for once ready to just throw on and get out the door.

Well it didn’t pan out how I wanted it to – I forgot to pair up my shoes which left me changing them a billion and 1 times (well it was only 3 times but I felt like a lot!) I was either between my velvet boots, the bow shoes or my normal forever21 boots! They all went so well but I could not decide which ones. I spent a good 10 minutes doing this which resulted in me being late for work! UGH!


However, I got there in the end when I realised that the velvet boots were too high to be rushing around in today and the bow just annoyed me when they caught my tights on my ankle – I wasn’t impressed!!

…So the forever21 boots it was then!

I tried on different black sheers last night – with and without a design and I couldn’t seem to get the outfit to be spot on. I tried a side design – very elegant and minimalist but it still didn’t work. So nude sheers it had to be as I was dying to wear this dress I bought.

I teamed it up with a skinny belt as the dress was really baggy – like I was wearing a potato sack for the sake of it! So a belt around the waist instantly made it 100x better and more work-worthy too. The same goes with the hair – leaving it down would have made me look a little stubby because of the high collar on this dress. So putting it up made a huge difference from being neck-less!


So my deets for today:

Oversized dress – Boo Hoo outlet via eBay

Nude Gloss Sheers – Primark

Boots – Forever21


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