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Orolu Tracy

So following on from the video I posted the other day about these tights, I thought I would do a thorough review of these tights (let’s say like a quality control person). I cannot believe how disappointed I was with these tights, especially being the new collection for A/W16!


My Outfit

To make these the focal point, I went with my new lace shirt tucked into my black ribbed bodycon skirt and along with my velvet heeled boots.

The pattern sits nicely at the top where the boot ends (at the ankle) – WINNER!

I know I went mega dark as I was having a right morning, but I thought it worked well in the end.

My Deets:

Lace Shirt: H&M

Cami Top (Underneath): New Look

Bodycon Skirt: New Look

Tights: Oroblu

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon


The Review

So I’m gonna be really picky with these now, and if you’re an Oroblu fan like I am, then I apologise in advance if you find more faults than good bits in this review.

So packaging: it shows the mode wearing the tights at the front with a small blurb at the back just stating what benefits the tights have; flat seams and a cotton gusset. So reinforced toes are a no-no on these.

Now this was the bit where I wanted to tear my hair out – I found them wrapped beautifully around the cardboard only to see that the quality was dreadful. You could see little lines all over the tights, there were snags all over the place and they felt really rough to touch. Normally Oroblu are so lovely and you can’t wait to get them on, but with these I was just gobsmacked!

So there I went to get them on, and boom another snag before I even got them over my feet!

One thing I do love about these is the pattern on them – it’s 3D so they do stand out when they’re on. I thought they might have been in with the tights but these were a thicker denier on top of them to give the flowy effect.

So rolling up the legs, you find a contrast in the deniers. The bottom half of the leg is a good quality (even though there are snags) but they’re soft to touch and from the knee upwards, it turns out really rough to touch and snags even more!

Now the waistband – I have a lot to say about this!!!! Even though it’s a thick band (seen in the pic below), it has got to be one of the worst I have come across. It holds up for a bit, and then when you start walking or moving around actively, you can feel it slip down so the gusset is no longer touching you but slowly moving down your thighs! It was around 5 times I ended up pulling my tights up throughout the day all because they wouldn’t stay put! I even took them off fully and put them back on thinking it will stop, but that wasn’t the case! Not only that, the seam leaves a mark on the stomach too. Normally I do have a podgy belly after I eat, but I never have seams that are left on me. With these, it left the whole line going from the top of the waistband down!!


So the verdict? Don’t even bother. I’m so surprised with how bad these pair are, and for Oroblu that is a shame. I trialled out one of theirs previously in the lace and they were perfect (even from the new range) but these I would give a total miss. The worst feeling is that I was so looking forward to wearing these and pairing it up with other outfits at a later stage, but I have certainly changed my mind about them and I don’t think I will be going back to them again.


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