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Oroblu Vision Tights

Right this is one of the last I am doing for a while on Oroblu – it has been a great run so far I have to say with some amazing designs from last season! I have ordered some more to do in the next few months, but for now these are it and I shall be moving onto some of my collabs!

 Once again, these were bought from the Oroblu website > Tights Vision Oroblu


My Outfit

I wanted to go pretty structured today, so I first chose a monochrome look and then decided to add stripes to go with the hosiery. I know some may say that it’s kinda dark looking, but I thought it went perfectly! It’s one of those pairs you either play it safe (which I did this time round) or you dare yourself to be brave and go wild!

I wanted to be wild, but then I realised I need to update my wardrobe a little to make that happen as my current wouldn’t be able to help the hosiery be bold!

My Deets:
Off-The-Shoulder Top: H&M

Long Waistcoat: Dorothy Perkins

Bodycon Skirt: New Look

Tights: Via Oroblu Online

Shoes: Sole Trader



The Review

I won’t go into mega detail once again – model at the front and the blurb at the back along with the sizing and materials:

Sheer tights with a lace-up pattern. Flat seams invisible under clothing. Cotton Gusset



I thought I would also show you on the model that these have a brief design on them which I totally love… and no I won’t be showing you a picture of it on me as the model sells it so well!


The first thing you will find when getting into these is that these are super delicate, and I don’t want to risk ruining them – hosiery gloves ready! I already managed to snag it on the thigh bit when scrunching and rolling them on my toes, so maybe keep those long nails for another pair of tights!


The waistband is once again my best friend. No complaints here – it’s snug, doesn’t feel too tight and holds its elasticity throughout the day too. No rolls, just flat against the tummy all day long! You would think it would roll during the day when sitting down, but Oroblu clearly thought about this when producing the ones I have been reviewing!


The toes are once again really good – I made sure that I smoothed the tops of my nails so no rips occur and they haven’t all day! They’re snug fitting to begin with, so I would advise to just pinch them slightly and wiggle your toes whilst doing so, so the pressure is taken off the toes and it allows them to breathe a little.

Just a note that these are not reinforced even though they have a slightly darker denier going across the toes!




The design is so easy to line up on the legs. When you scrunch, just make sure that you start the line-up from the toes and you’re good to go. I normally have to twist and move sometimes, but this was a straight all-in-one and perfecto! I love that whole lace-up look at the front and then it carries on all around the leg up to the knees. And the best part is that it starts from the toes and not half way up the foot – it means this can be styled in many ways with many different shoes!


I love the fact that you can feel the design on the tights – this makes them stand out way more than being stitched in.


The denier is great too (minus the parts that I managed to snag!) – I have to say that it is quite easy but only when you’re being rough with them. They caught on my bracelet a few times and on a few boxes at work, but otherwise I managed to keep them out of harm’s way! Woo!

The brief part of them all is really pretty – it’s symmetrical on both sides and then has a 3-strip line at the sides which adds to the overall look (when you’re standing there legs out!)

They’re super soft to touch and they’re not a pair that fluff catches onto as well – your legs just glide with these so you’re all good here if that’s what you’re after



Overall Thoughts?

I am so glad I bought these black on black. You could get these nude with the black design, but I actually preferred to do the subtle statement leg. It’s easier for those who aren’t nude fans or aren’t that confident to rock nudes, so this would be perfect!

Minus those snags, I absolutely love these and will be styling these with a casual outfit next time. Perfect for the office (if you’re daring) or a night out with a pair of court shoes to give it more on the legs!!


2 thoughts on “Oroblu Vision Tights

  1. Them Vision Tights look so good.. That they will give people Double Vision….
    Great to see that Oroblu have included a brief in the tights..