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Oroblu Scarlet Tattoo Tights

Tattoo tights are pretty amazing! They are the perfect thing for summer, especially on tan sheers too!

I got these a while back and have just been waiting for the right opportunity to wear them and today was the perfect day!


My Outfit Today

As these tights are floral, I thought the best thing to do was team them up with a white dress. I thought this one went best because it’s flowy and swishy and works. I was going to do a bodycon white dress but thought that would make it a little more formal, whereas the one I have on makes it more summer-ready.

I was going to wear my pink peep-toe booties, but as I couldn’t find them the red ones had to do today. I always seem to pair my red boots with this dress – like all the damn time!


Now I’m intrigued to do a review on these as Oroblu are a brand that don’t come out my wardrobe often when they should. I have to say their quality is just so on point, and levelling with Wolford in my Top 5:

  • Packaging: It shows the design at the front and a brief description at the back. They were also packed well – around the cardboard
  • I absolutely love the feel of these. They are around 20 denier and you can tell that by feeling it, but when they are on, they look more like a 15. They’re super soft and so so smooth!!!!
  • The best part is when you have itchy legs, you don’t need to worry about nails catching. I’ve got a nail that is slightly broken and the tights were absolutely fine and didn’t snag!
  • They have a lovely gloss on them that you can see when the sun shines on them, but looks quite sun-kissed when they are in the shade. It’s a tad darker denier than I normally would have gone for, but I want to start experimenting with my nudes now.
  • The band is a good thick waistband – hasn’t budged at all and is actually comfortable around the tummy too. Doesn’t feel too tight like you have to pull it down for your stomach to stop suffocating.
  • The design is now the interesting part – it sits on the front of the left leg but it is way more stretched than what is shown on the packaging. I did try to pinch it down a little but that wasn’t the issue. It still does look alright and the colour of the roses haven’t gone all crap and cracked like some normally do. It works its way from the lower ankle to just sitting above the knee.
  • They’re sheer toe to waist – so teaming up with a mini skirt sounds like a fab idea with these!

The only bad point is that the packaging doesn’t state anything about reinforced toes. When they are on, you can see that the toe area is much darker than the denier and slightly thicker too. It would be nice if it was stated for those who actually look out for these in a pair of nylons.


Would I recommend? Yes I certainly would. I don’t know about the stretching of the design when the packaging shows one thing and when they’re on they look a different way, but don’t let that put you off. I think they are such a gorgeous pair and the overall look and feel are just fab. A very good quality pair of tights I have to add! I can see these lasting a while!


So for your info, I have attached a picture of the packaging just so you know what I mean when I do a comparison between the model and on me


2 thoughts on “Oroblu Scarlet Tattoo Tights

  1. Really really love the tanish tights! It adds a great flair to a summer outfit! Pls more. Still hoping for a dark tan tights review pls.