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Oroblu  Rosemary Lace Tights

I thought I would go ahead and give lace another go seeing as it’s still cold as anything in the UK and I wanted something statement and sexy to get into.

Thank you to Luxury Legs for this gorgeous pair – I do love me some Oroblu when it comes to high quality at affordable prices.


My Outfit

So I kept it simple and plain Jane and added a pop with the tights. I went with my oversized baggy shirt along with my court shoes to show off the tights to the fullest. You could easily do a waist belt if you wanted to however I wanted to keep it shabby yet classy for work.

My Deets:

Shirt: BooHoo

Tights: Via Luxury Legs

Shoes: Via Soletrader


The Review

As mentioned previously, all of the packages I have received from Luxury Legs always come in a silky gold or black bag with the nylons inside of it. They are normally quick at dispatching which is a bonus so you’re not waiting ages for your purchase to get through that letter box!

Getting onto the packaging – very well presented. Simplistic front with some blurb at the back about the tights:

Tulle tights with lacy floral pattern. Flat seams invisible under clothing. Cotton gusset” Pretty basic – the rest is for you to find out inside.

The tights come neatly wrapped in the packaging but just be careful as they will be prone to snagging due to the material of them.

Getting them on is not an issue at all over anklets – they actually glide on! I was pretty surprised but these are not as rough as they look. I won’t say that they are smooth and silky, but they’re nice enough to touch and stroke.


The waist band is nice and sturdy too – it’s patterned from toe to band, so those miniskirts and shorts would work perfectly with these!

You can tell these are of decent quality just by the touch – they are nice and thick (40 denier) and they don’t feel cheap in any way. I have bought some that do look and feel cheap and you just think “why did I even bother?” but with these, they do feel soft for netting and they do look expensive (to a certain extent).


So I went quite casual with this pair, but I must say that these are the type for dressing up and stunning others! I normally would but I wanted to show that you can style in so many ways. I would certainly always put heels with these (or if you wanted to do a pair of trainers or Timberlands, they would work pretty well too!).


Now let me point out about the snagging – I did end up doing a few on these where it was the small fishnet bit on the thighs, so please do be careful with them. Mine got caught in my nail when I was taking them off – to think I lasted to whole day without a single one and then to end up with two at the end of it all!


Oh and one other thing – no reinforced toes with these babies. I was slightly disappointed only because nets is one of those pairs that always end up ripping at the toes. It’s happened to me lots of times before and it could so do with reinforcements just to make them last that little bit longer. But never mind – one can only hope!



Overall Thoughts?

I absolutely love these and by the amount of comments and messages I have been receiving off Instagram, a lot of my fans do too! For those of you who are scared to try net and lace out, you needn’t be! It’s got to be one of the most easiest pairs that you can work and experiment with and it can create an absolute masterpiece!!


One thought on “Oroblu  Rosemary Lace Tights

  1. Spag Bol and Soni Legs. What a brilliant Tuesday evening combination. Yum! 🙂
    Those tights look amazing.
    Your eyes are instantly drawn to them and stick like glue.
    Very nice indeedy.
    Thanks for your superb posts.