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Oroblu Riga 20 Tights – Nude & Black

Once again I am back on the nude scene in these gorgeous Oroblu Riga tights! I have to admit I bought these just because they were on offer on UK Tights’ website and I thought I need a pair for my collection!

I love how it’s the opposite to getting black sheer with the black back-seam and the fact that these can work so well in summer, I just had to! I really did!


My Outfit Today

Ok, so I know I’m going dark once again but I wanted to make my tights the statement piece today as they truly deserve it looking the way they do!  😉

I have only worn this dress once for a LegsLavish Exclusive Review and thought it needs to be pulled out again to help with another review! I love the lace work on this and I thought it would team up so nicely with my back-seam.

I opted for my patent court shoes (as they just go with everything like they normally do) to make it a bit more leggy than wearing it with my normal black boots. I could have done a different colour with this, but seeing as it is a dull day and I was so tired this morning, this just worked for me.

I would have done a set of nude heels or my red booties, but I didn’t want to take the shine away from the tights. Plus in these you can see the angled edges just at the tip so they worked perfectly!


Now let me make a start on the review, as I have a lot to say…:

  • The packaging: I cannot fault it. The picture at the front is exactly what you will be getting inside. I sometimes get worried that you don’t get what you see and it’s just a bummer! They are wrapped well and are around the cardboard (bonus) so there is no way that they should snag before you get them on!
  • I love how they are shaped to your legs. They were folded in half showing the crease at the front so you can follow this to make sure your line up at the back is pretty much straight. That is how I did it and it worked!
  • They are so easy to roll up on the legs – the anklets don’t catch either. I didn’t have to scrunch and roll with these, but you could if you wanted to. They also have a very snug fit to them so you know that they aren’t moving anywhere throughout the day!
  • I do love the waistband on these – they have a very nice fit to them and they don’t fall either. I proved that today when I had to run from the car into work as it was tipping it down with rain!
  • The Back-Seam: Well I have a lot to say about these – let me start off with I LOVE HOW THICK THEY ARE! I mean even when you stretch them out, they don’t lose the design at all. They still stay thick and black and in place – I just love it!
    • They stay in place all day and don’t wiggle about on the legs either. I have had a few where they end up moving throughout the day and look like they’ve been dancing at the back of my legs, but these stay intact all day.
    • I love how they line up so well. you don’t need to pinch and pull a lot with these once you line it from the bottom of your hell you are sorted!!
  • I love the sheer on these tights – they do wonders on your legs. I have to day that my legs do look slightly slimmer and have such a lovely gloss on them – not too shiny either so it works well throughout the seasons!
  • They’re 20 denier however I feel like they look so much lighter than that. You can feel that they are thicker but when they are on, they don’t seem it at all. I love how it does emphasise the back-seam on it! It just pops so nicely against this!
  • I also have to mention I do like to foot design on this – the way it goes from the rectangle block under the foot into the pyramid that works its way into a slim back-seam. It just adds that touch of class and completes the tights in my eyes.
  • I love how versatile you can work these – formal/casual/bedroom. You can just play with it and have so much fun doing so!


The only downside I have to say is that they don’t have reinforced toes. Honestly, if they did then I actually would not have a single back point to say about these and would have to be looking deep to find something! Although, on the upside, they do have a sandal toe which you can slightly make out from the image below so it’s not all bad I guess!


So would I recommend them? I swear you all need to buy yourself a pair of these and make sure you get it from Oroblu as well. I cannot express how amazing they are and how you feel with them on! So silky, so glossy and so smooth…


My Deets:

Lace Bodycon Dress – H&M

Tights – Oroblu via UK Tights

Court Shoes – Jeff Bains


10 thoughts on “Oroblu Riga 20 Tights – Nude & Black

  1. Got to say I love seamed hosiery. There’s something about seams that when worn right can just seem so elegant.
    They do look and sound gorgeous (I love your descriptions) and I can see me buying a pair on your recommendation.
    Lovely outfit, hope you got lots of lovely comments on the seams 😘😘

  2. Fantastic job with the choice of the outfit and the poses! Really really love the tan/nude tights! Pls keep up the great work!