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Oroblu Renee Natural Fibres Fine Knit Tights

Now this is another first for me (well for a very long time) – cable knit tights! I had a pair a good few years back when I was at uni and got into tights, and my first pair was a chocolate brown pair that I used to wear with creams a lot until I decided to shove them under the pile and never wore them again.

I decided to get back into cable knit tights only because a follower wanted a custom pair in them, and I thought I need a decent pair that I can keep as my backup for those cold days where sheers just won’t do!

The Spec

Size: Small

Colour: Black

Price: £20.99

Bought From: http://bit.ly/2pL6k2K


The Outfit

Well seeing as they’re just a black opaque pair, I decided to wear light colours rather than my darks, so opted for my jumper (which is pretty short for work, but works well with thicker darker tights so I can get away with it) and my heeled boots to make it seem more girly.

I was going to opt for my grey thigh boots, but then I always do them, and it’s been some time for these boots – I really missed them as I am always in them normally!

My hair was up as it’s getting greasy and needs a wash, and I added silver pearl studs with a double choker to finish off the look!

My Deets

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Oroblu via UKTights

Boots: Forever21

Choker: Boots

Earrings: H&M



The Review

Let me begin with what is mentioned on the website:

* 100 denier
* Cable knit
* Rich colours
* Casual & warm
* 85% Cotton
* 13% Polyamide
* 2% Elastane
Oroblu Renee is a brand new cable knit design from Oroblu and it is one of their best knitted tights yet. Renee is warm, cosy and super fashionable, but it’s the materials that are the best part of the design. With an almost pure cotton content, Renee is soft and luxurious to the touch, whilst the small amounts of nylon and elastane are perfect for adding stretch and durability to this already amazing item.
And I can vouch for the above but before I give it away, let me give you my version!
Ok, so let’s start off with the packaging: these are open so only have the cardboard around them, which means you can feel them as soon as they open that parcel they came in! The back of the packaging focuses more on the sizing and the materials in so many different languages. I noticed that these didn’t mention the name of the tights at the front but did at the back on the stick label at the bottom. Normally Oroblu always mention at the front, but this time decided to be different!
The Feel Before They’re On: is just too good! They’re so soft to touch, I actually rubbed them on my face because it was that soft! I couldn’t wait to get into them to see what they’re like on the legs!
The Feel When They’re On: is just to die for. I can describe these in 3 words that just match it bang on: Soft, Snuggy and Comfortable! They have got to be the most nicest cotton tights I have! I mentioned that I have had a pair before and they are nothing compared to this! This is just the most luxurious pair I have to date (well in thick cotton ones!)
They were so easy to get on! As these are horizontally packed, which I was surprised at due to the thickness, it was easy to line up. I hate it when you get cable knits and the lines just end up doing their own thing, so I made sure that mine were  straight and stayed straight on my legs! The one thing I did like was under the foot, it was a smooth textile rather than the cable knot which made it easier to be on your feet all day and I can imagine the cable design would be slightly uncomfortable to walk on!
On The Legs: I noticed that these are really opaque at the bottom but from the knees up they started to stretch out (where the chunky thighs come into play) and that kinda ruined it for me. I normally don’t mind with patterned sheers, but not when you have knitted opaques! I love the whole block look.
(Excuse my hubby’s leg here – he was on nights trying to sleep and I was trying to take my images on the bed!)
The Waistband: has got to be one of the nicest! It’s a nice thick ribbed band, which sits slightly loosely on me, but I didn’t mind actually. It’s not as tight as I normally like it, but seeing as it was the woman’s time of month, it worked perfectly for me and actually made me feel super comfortable all day! It didn’t leave any marks on my stomach whatsoever and just played its part very well throughout the day!
Onto The Toes: now let me mention how great these are around the toes. I mean they have stayed put all day without budging and no rips or snags! I had long toenails as well just to test it out, and they have not a single snag or rip or any little threads coming out around this area. I do have to say that my feet did feel slightly hot in these, but then again they’re knitted tights so if they’re keeping you warm, I ain’t complaining that they’re doing their job right! It’s just a smooth plain toe and then works into the cable design under the toes and up towards the waist.

Overall Thoughts?

I love. Simply love. They’re cute, snug, look great and made my legs warm and cosy! They have done their job well and I am so glad I invested in a pair! Even though I have worn them in slightly warm weather, I certainly know that these will work in winter if you want to up your tights game and get yourself a gorgeous luxurious pair instead of the plain 200 denier hosiery!

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