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Oroblu Pearl 15 Second Skin Tights

And what a delight! I get to do another pair of ‘seconds skin’ tights. If you’re wondering what I mean by this – it means they are pretty much non-existent on the legs; they are that sheer you can’t even tell.

We’re having a period of up and down weather in the UK, which doesn’t surprise me really, so finally I managed to get the outfit co-ordinating with the sunshine and not the other way around!

The Spec

Size: Small

Colour: Ambre

Denier: 15

Materials: 70% Polyamide, 30% Elastane

Price: £14.99

Website: UKTights – Oroblu Pearl 15 Second Skin Tights


My Outfit

Well I decided to be cheeky and pull out the denim shirt for work; normally it’s not allowed but I thought I’m smartening it up, so why not? I wore a black plunge top underneath and added my camel suede pencil skirt into the mix too.

I decided to dress up a tad, so I added my platform shoes and a double choker with small studs.

It worked pretty well I think – and everyone at work loved the look!

My Deets

Black Top: H&M

Denim Shirt: Republic

Skirt: Primark

Tights: Oroblu

Shoes: New Look

Choker: Iamflygrl on Instagram


The Review

On The Website: These sheer tights by Oroblu have only one objective, to melt away and turn invisible once they are on your legs. The sheer 15 denier fabric allows this to happen easily whilst still being robust and still adding a dose of colour to your legs. The flat seams and tailored shape helps to keep them feeling and looking as natural as possible, just like a second skin in fact.

* 15 denier

* Sheer to waist

* Flat seams

* Cotton gusset

* Resistant toe

* 70% Polyamide

* 30% Elastane


The Packaging: very simplistic, straight to the point and screams luxury all over. You see the model at the front wearing them, and then the lowdown of the hosiery at the back:

Elegant high-quality tights, very sheer and very pleasant to touch. Perfect and natural leg grip. Sheer to waist. Flat seams invisible under clothing. Cotton gusset. Maxi size with big gusset. Invisible and resistant toe.



Getting Them On: please make sure hosiery gloves are on and use the scrunch and roll technique – especially with these. They are super fine and can easy rip (I hope to God they don’t but you don’t want to find that out!), so care is needed. Luckily these are folded horizontally so it’s easy to line up from the toes right to the waistband.



The Colour: as soon as you get them on, you can instantly tell how gorgeous your legs look; it’s like they’ve just been airbrushed with makeup to give them a smooth flawless look!


What I love about these is that slight tan look; you can get these in a variety of colours, but you can’t beat a simple nude-tan sheer pair! I can certainly say these are doing my legs favours here!


Now what always makes me smile is when they have a lovely shine finish to them. normal daylight it’s this bare-legged look, but when the sun hits / flash is on, it just transforms into this gorgeous oily shine without even trying! I mean how better can these get?!


The Toes: I have to say I am impressed. These are reinforced by the way; they’re just damn sturdy and I love it! They’re completely sheer across, so peep toes and open toe shoes can be worn without it looking too weird if you’re worried!


The Waistband: is hardly noticeable! I actually could not feel I was wearing one to be honest; it was so comfortable! But does it mean that it actually holds up the hosiery? – YES IT DOES! I know this because my skirt was pulling my tights all day and when I had to pull my skirt down I could feel the tights go down too, but the band still stayed up and didn’t budge all day. I had a lot of toilet breaks during my day, so perfect way to test them out, and I have to say they got 10/10 from me! The elastic is very decent in these, so you don’t ever have to worry about these falling down!



How They Feel: not gonna lie to you – I am becoming slightly hairy on the legs hence why there isn’t a lot of close up shots (laser is coming up soon!), but putting that aside, these aren’t a problem against hairs. I thought they would make them stand out more or just look weird, but they actually don’t. They give the legs a flawless finish and actually try to hide the hairs (obviously not as well as I would like them to due to the light denier) but I do love the fact that they try!


To touch, they are so smooth and silky that your legs just glide off one another; but not to the extent that you can’t sit cross-legged at all!




My Thoughts?

✓ Flawless coverage

✓ Oil finish shine

✓ Smooth and silky on the legs

✓ Natural tan look

✓ Comfortable waistband that you can’t feel



I mean do I need to go on anymore? I really think these are the best tights I have come across; I love the fact that they’re affordable, they do their job so well and I can see these being long lasting too (if you treat them right).

The denier is perfect for Spring / Summer, but also can work with layering for Autumn / Winter, so don’t think that you still can’t rock these when it’s dark and dull!

I can’t say a bad word about these, because they have served me so well during the day. I am for sure keeping these as my if-ever-in-doubt pair!

Would I recommend? I think my blog just says it all really!

6 thoughts on “Oroblu Pearl 15 Second Skin Tights

  1. Again i am just lost for words…Absolutely Divine…. I 100% agree… “you can’t beat a simple nude-tan sheer pair!”

  2. Are they matte? According to the photo, they seems so but I prefer to ask. I must say I LOVE invisible tights, when the color matches exactly my skin!

  3. Great costume and tights as usual. Do you have an account of Instagram? If you post a cover picture and a link there, you may get more response to your great reviews (if you haven’t done so already).