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Oroblu On Line Calzerotto Julie Thigh High Tights

Let’s revisit thigh high socks/tights – wait what would they be classed as? I have asked so many people and no-one can agree! I say thigh socks but a lot say thigh highs.

Anyways, these were gifted by one of my amazing followers a good while back and once again I decided to pull them out to play as the weather is getting warmer, which means there’s a lot of designs I wanna get out and review!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 20

Materials: 89% polyamide, 11% elastane

Price: €16,95

Website: Unknown

My Outfit

As I was lounging at home, I just threw on my oversized hoody and then added these to give me a little statement leg, and added converses when I decided to wonder out and about.


The Review

The Packaging: so these came in open packaging, where you can get into the them real quick and easy.

There was no card in them holding them up or anything, which is great so I don’t need to go hunting for snags!

The back of the packaging talks about them briefly along with where they were made and the materials used:

“Lace effect over-knee, with lace effect. Embellished by stones applied on the cuff.”

So they had a lovely little typo in their sentence bless them!


Getting Them On: I did use my silky hosiery gloves to get these just to make sure I don’t got snagging them!

These were fine going over anklets (as long as they aren’t sharp) and they glide right on up the leg to sit around mid thigh. This also depends on how long (or short) your legs are where they will end up sitting on you.


On The Legs: these are so cool! I love the whole detailed floral lace working from the toes to the band, and then it ending with a sheer-like band on the thighs. One thing I did notice is that beaded gem design is only on one legs and not on the other; not too sure if it’s supposed to be like that but I rolled with it anyways.

I do love how these can be dressed in almost every way possible; under skirts, with shorts, long or short dresses, hoodies… it’s limitless!

The denier is great so you get nice leg coverage whilst making them a statement piece.

The fit and feel of them are so nice; they’re so soft like lace socks would be and they fit like hosiery. They hug the legs real nice and there is no gapping at all!

Another little thing I wanna mention is the band is so great; not once have these fallen down my legs during the day.

If I was to wear hosiery underneath them:

  • Shiny sheers – these would fall down the legs during the day.
  • Matte sheers – they would help to keep them up.


The Toes & Ankle: so I mentioned before that these have the design all over the feet; starting from the toe seams.

Apologies for the un-varnished nails here!

These aren’t reinforced and I couldn’t see any type of seam going across the toes to show that they were, so long nails have gotta behave in these!

Around the ankles, there was no sign of any extra material hanging out here, which is always a good sign. I hate it when hosiery falls down and gathers here.


The Band: so the band is a pretty awesome one I am working with. These do hold up on their own and do stay up for the day which is always good news to hear. There is no silicone strips or anything behind these, so if you don’t feel confident, then wear a pair of matte underneath to keep them supported.

These bands are so comfy on the thighs and don’t leave any markings when you take them off either which I love. They don’t press against the skin that hard which I really do like, and the band itself is a very soft material. It’s not ribbed or fully elasticated.



My Thoughts?

I think these are super cool; they look amazing on, they fit so good and the design is just out there looking all fancy pants!

I love the way they can be dressed in various ways; not just the whole throw-it-on look I created today. If you can get hold of a pair or something similar, then do so because you won’t be disappointed!



One thought on “Oroblu On Line Calzerotto Julie Thigh High Tights

  1. This pair is at once cute, chic and elegant, with beautiful patterns and jartelles. You also opt for a nice outfit (jen take the opportunity to ask you if you thought soon to make new videos? This pair would be adequate)