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Oroblu Lorena Tights

Well aren’t these festive?! I absolutely love these, and seeing as Christmas is round the corner, these are just perfect!


My Outfit

I went all black with these – only to make the tights stand out – And boy did they!? I teamed them up with red booties at work but as I went out in the evening, I switched them to my black and silver peep toe shoes (which were gifted by a follower) to glitz them up! They really did set the tights off and it looked absolutely amazing!

As these are more party tights (well even though I would wear them everywhere), you can team these up with so many different types of dresses and skirts as they just become a statement piece down below!


The Review

Seeing as these are gorgeous tights, their packaging needs to be top notch and it actually is. It’s a simple and elegant packaging; showing the model at the front wearing the tights and a small blurb at the back.

The first thing I noticed when I took these out the packaging is how simply stunning they looked when the light hit them. They just glistened on a 50 denier nylon and it just looked perfect! They felt so soft and I’m talking like Wolford quality here!

Getting them on was easy as anything – they literally glided right up my legs. You can instantly tell these are fab quality as the denier is thick yet super soft and smooth to touch and it didn’t snag at all once! I was even being quite rough with them and still nothing!

These are a size small and even then there is a lot of room in these – you don’t feel you have to pull them all the way up just for them to sit flush against you. I felt the need to actually pinch them down my leg at one point so they sit just comfortably on the legs.

The design is only at the front of the legs from the ankle to the upper thigh. It doesn’t curve around the leg at all, which I hoped it would but never mind hey! I’m still impressed with these!

The band on these are fab – they’re super soft and hug you just right. You can move these up or down; however you feel comfortable I suppose.

You will also see in one of the images below that they have such a gorgeous natural shine to them running down the leg. I literally just saw it and had to capture it to show you all!

The only downside is that it doesn’t have reinforced toes, however as it’s a thicker denier I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad. The only thing you may have to watch out for is long toe nails, chipped nails and even glitter nail varnish. The varnish that I have on at the moment is quite rough at the top because of the glitter, but I didn’t find that to be a problem.


Overall I think these are just lovely and such a subtly glam pair to add to any outfit! I love the way it’s not in your face and with rhinestones that would just catch everything. These are cute little studs that are actually fixed on properly. I think these are definitely worth it!

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