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Oroblu Lorelie Tights

Oh god how I have missed net and lace together? It has been a while but I am so glad to be back in it! As it’s still winter weather, it works so well with cosy knits and long boots!

Thank you to Luxury Legs for these pair!

As I focused mainly on the tights, I won’t pop down the whole outfit details this time around.


The Review

Packaging: once again it’s luxurious. Very simple, monochrome and straight to the point. It shows the model at the front wearing the tights, the name at the top along with the collection it is from. At the back it’s still quite basic but it’s all you need to know really. I would recommend visiting the website to find out more if you’re interested. Getting inside; very neatly wrapped and easy to unwind and put on too. I would obviously be careful with anklets but otherwise there is no certain way you need to wear these. The joy about them is that no lining up is needed so if the floral print is facing opposite ways, it just adds to the character of the tights!


The band on these are gorgeous and snug – not too loose or tight and they hold well. They don’t lose elasticity quickly either so that’s a bonus.

Reinforced toes? Well as far as I know these don’t have them; I had a good look around but couldn’t find any seam so a little disappointed there. I expect to have reinforced on net/lace tights just to prolong them!


Now the design: how gorgeous does it look?! I think they are absolutely divine and makes the pins a statement piece once again! I love the contrast between the lace and net and the matte finish they have to give it that boldness – and they’re only 30 denier too! I expected them to be slightly darker but then again you wouldn’t want to take that beautiful effect away!


One thing I do love about these is how they hug the legs so nicely and fit comfortably behind the knees and around the ankles. I sometimes find that net/lace tights don’t and just have this generic straight length but the way it curves in – I LOVE IT!


One thing I did find with these – there are slightly bigger gaps in the netting (see inside the white circle). Normally it doesn’t bother me so much (well it does slightly) but these do stand out and I couldn’t stop looking at them once I found it.


Overall Thought?

Pure bliss. I love these (even though they might not have reinforced toes and those stupid gapping areas)! They’re a bargain at the moment being last season’s collection, so if you’re after a pair don’t hesitate!

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