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Oroblu Judy Lace Tights


I thought I would go vampish to work instead of my normal self to mark the occasion! Plus it was a chance for me to wear another new lippy 😉

Anyways not only that I am so psyched because I am finally home for a week and can actually do my pictures with a long mirror once again!!

I am in love with Oroblu’s new collection for A/W and as soon as I saw these I just had to get them. I haven’t bought patterned in a while and missed wearing them so I saw my opportunity with these!

My Deets

So I said I was going dark and I sure did – I went with my black long shirt along with my black boots and a choker necklace to finish off the look. I was going to funk up my hair buy I didn’t have time to do it!

The dress is from eBay, boots are Forever21 and the choker is from a stall that was based in the hospital.

The Review

The packaging I never have a problem with when it comes to Oroblu. you know exactly what you’re getting.

Getting them on is not a problem whatsoever over anklets – I didn’t have to be proper careful with it. However I would recommend hosiery gloves just because I managed to get my first snag putting them on! You’ll see it in the image below!!

The band on these are so lovely and they hold so well too. I took a pic of it below just to show you. The design works its way right up to the top and the band stays intact the whole day.

With the maxi shirt I wore you couldn’t really see the design much but it did stand out a lot when you got the leg flash all because it’s based on net. I have another pair similar to these that I got from ASOS which I have had for years all because they stand out so well once they’re on. I love the way it’d a mix between net and sheer in the design.

As far as I am aware these do not have reinforced toes on them which is disappointing really as they would have lasted a lot longer if they did (well it would with me just because I tend to have long nails from time to time).

The quality of these are great too – even though I got a few snags in them, they have been doing well ever since. Quite thick netting too when you rub that between your fingers.

I’m really pleased with these as they’re a decent lasting pair and can work with a lot of outfits – either make them girly or edgey or just damn right sexy!

Overall I would recommend these whether you get it full price or in the sale, they are so worth it! Oroblu is one of those makes you can’t go wrong with!!!

Now enjoy……




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