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Oroblu Graphic Hub Tights

I finally have my hands on a pair, ever since I saw them on the Oroblu Instagram page, I have wanted to review them. I have done so many similar styles in Gatta before, and absolutely loved them!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Price: £14.99 / Sale £12.74

Website: UKTights – Oroblu Graphic Hub Tights

My Outfit

I decided to go quite bold with my dress today, leaving my tights to work the rest of me. I opted for a bodycon midi dress paired with my suede court shoes to wear for work.

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Oroblu

Heels: Dune



The Review

From The Website: Geometry has been a big theme for Oroblu this year. Here we have a pattern that is simple and minimalist, but has such a depth to it as well. It is very much like the Gucci pattern and clearly takes inspiration from this fellow Italian designer. This is a subtle but historical and iconic looking pair of fashion tights and we think it will immediately fit into your wardrobe quite well.

* 20 denier
* Oroblu monogram
* Geometric pattern
* Sheer leg
* Flat seams
* Cotton gusset
* 93% Polyamide
* 7% Elastane


The Packaging: if you haven’t come across Oroblu packaging before, this is what it currently looks like. Very clean, crisp and straight to the point. The model wears the hosiery on the front, with the back going into more detail about the pair inside.

When you get in, you will find these flat folded and wrapped around plain card.


Getting Them On: I took my time getting these on without gloves today. They were fine going over my anklets, and then glided right up the legs.



On The Legs: before I get into it, I used a mix of flash and natural lighting 🙂

The denier being 20 as the base really works and helps to emphasise the geometry design (which is around 30-40 denier).

The quality of these are just amazeballs; I never have an issue with Oroblu ever since I started wearing them many years ago, it’s one of my trusted brands! They have been great on the legs today, not causing any issues!

The fit is true to size, with a good amount of stretch in them so they cling really well. I won’t say they are tight or anything, but they do really cling nicely. The feel of them are so soft, but the net design is raised… Raised to the point you can see it popping through my dress (see the last image below) which I thought was pretty weird. This will mean that after a full day’s wear, expect some markings on the legs.

The design is just like Gucci, which I think is a brilliant idea if you don’t fancy spending £85.00 on a pair of tights! I also love how it’s a nice little twist on the classic fishnet too – especially if you’re not much of a fan of the open nets. I love how this design works right from the toe seam to the band!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes aren’t reinforced, but what I did see was a lighter denier patch going across – which I thought was pretty weird. I don’t actually know why that is, but it’s there!

There is plenty of wiggle room for you toes in these, and no extra material hanging around anywhere either.

Around the ankles, these are a smooth finish.


The Waistband: now the band is something else! I love how thick this actually is, and how smooth it looks too! It really does hug the waist without digging into you at any point, and it certainly does not move once you have set it.

This sits around the belly button on me and ends just at the top of my tushy, so you do get a few inches of reinforcement here.



My Thoughts?

I really do love these, and all I can say is you need to get a pair. It’s perfect if you like to layer up fishnets – this acts like a 2-in-1 and the design is just incredible.

6 thoughts on “Oroblu Graphic Hub Tights

  1. Well hello Soni,

    What a lovely day it is this day,you are looking absolutely stunning in your yellow dress and those sexy tights!There will be a lot of headturning today in the office😉,and maybe some lucky fellow notice a little shoeplay or nylon foot dangle.(wish it would be me😉)
    Have a very nice wednesday Goddess👣!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Another beautiful pair of tights! I love the pattern and how stunning you look wearing these with your yellow dress, which you look totally beautiful in. Always beautiful! 💛❤️