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Oroblu Gisella Lace Effect Tights

It’s finally starting to warm up in the UK, but it just means I have to rejig my hosiery collection to suit the days now. I had a lot of sheers and nudes which I have done, but I kept pushing back my thicker deniers and now isn’t the time to bring them out! However, I have to say it’s neither here nor there at the moment; the sun is out but it’s still dull and rains from time to time so still good enough to pull out those darks and get cracking on those blogs!

I’m stepping back into Oroblu after a while, and it’s so nice to be back in them. The one thing that gets me buying every time is their unique designs and their quality; this can vary from time to time I must add.

 I got these straight from Oroblu themselves who are based in Italy instead of going through a stockist > Collant Gisella Oroblu


My Outfit

Even though the sun is hiding behind a few clouds, I’m all dark with a pop of colour. It’s been a while since I’ve done that; plain dresses with bold printed tights and shoes that stand out.

I kept my hair back to make it more casual (it makes all the difference) and limited jewellery as I really wasn’t in the mood to bling it up.

You can opt for any colour shoes to wear with these – I went with red because I haven’t worn these in a while and most of my other colours I have sold so I’m pretty limited!

My Deets:

Dress: Select

Tights: Oroblu

Booties: Marks & Spencer


The Review 

Let me give you a little breakdown from the website itself:

Gisella is an opaque tights made with inserts, floral lace effect, only positioned in front.

Composition: 90% Polyamide – 10% Spandex

Combines the Bodywear series Gisella. Flat seams, cotton gusset.”

If it doesn’t flow as well as it should, then blame Google Translate as I had to translate from their page!


In simpler words for the packaging; I got it when they’re doing the whole monochrome theme on them and I love it! Very clean, crisp and straight to the point. I like those that haven’t got so much faff at the front; it loses the focus of what you’re actually buying.

The back states a small blurb written in different languages:

Opaque tights with lace-like floral inserts on the front of the leg. Flat seams invisible under clothing. Cotton gusset

And then the sizing guide as well!


They’re flat packed, so don’t expect any leg-shaping to come from it but more of a get-it-straight-on!


The first thing I noticed was how wide the feet area was. I know these are 70 denier, but these are pretty big. It could just be me, but let’s see when I get them on what they’re like.


Getting them on I found one leg pulls on perfectly straight and the was slightly bent from the toes so I had to realign a few times before I got it to match up. These are the type where it has a lot to give, so you can tug as much as you want up as they will naturally fall and sit where they are supposed to. I learnt that after a few minutes.


So let me mention the toes again; they are massive. There is a lot of excess material around which means a good wear is needed to get those to sit well around the feet. You won’t have any problem with wiggle room, but it’s not something I like in hosiery. Never mind hey? At least they’re reinforced in some way with the bagginess!


The waistband is very comfortable I must add. Now I’m going to do a little icky with this, but all ladies need to know that it’s fine to wear when it’s your time of month as well. Normally I like to wear looser bands or something more loose-fitting, but these I have to say have been great! They’re snug but sit very nicely on the tummy! I always have to avoid tight ones because it just adds on pressure that you don’t need, especially if you’re the type to get bloating as well!


The design is something that is so awesome. I love the whole peep-hole concept about it; he dark opaques with a diamond cut with net showing through. It very simple but effective and perfect for those who aren’t comfortable getting themselves into nets and lace but want something more than just plain opaques.


As mentioned before, these are 70 deniers with a lovely soft satin-like touch to them; nothing that feels like velvet and catches fluff like it’s a hoover. You can get some that just feel so horrible and make your clothes cling to them rather than glide!!

Oh and let me not forget that these hardly snag too; you may want to watch out for the lave bit but otherwise you’re all good! It’s thick enough to withstand small ones!


The lace you can tell is a thick denier too – can you see small amounts of bobbling raised up on the design? I notice this happens on thicker tights.


I like the way these give definition to my legs – they smooth them out quite nicely and make them look killer. This is a plus point which most opaques have; they know how to make those pins look good in shape! It would be better with stiletto heels so you emphasise the calves more, but I’m happy with these anyways!


Overall Thoughts?

Winner here! Minus the baggy toes, I love these! it’s been a while since I have touched opaques but I think these are lovely and  if you’re not comfortable with your legs, then I would recommend these for SS17 as a start point to start getting you out that shell!


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