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Oroblu Flower Daisy Tights

And bring on the other pair that I bought from Luxury Legs.  I thought these were a lovely simple pair to do for work, aiming at those who like to keep it toned down wherever they be.

Plus I like side designs, especially when you find out that they’re asymmetric and you think it’s just on the one side!!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 6% Polypropylene

Price: £15.00

Website: Luxury Legs – Oroblu Flower Daisy Tights


My Outfit

So a little switch up, I went with my black lace shirt (with a black cami underneath) tucked into my bottle green ribbed skirt and I added my platform heels with it.

I left my hair down and frizzy, and added a choker just to make it slightly casual.

My Deets

Shirt: H&M

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Shoes: New Look

Choker: Flygrl


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The Review

From The Website: A pair of dainty sheer tights with a two toned floral pattern, asymmetrical embroidery-like pattern on the side.

20 Denier

Cotton gusset

Comfortable waistband

Flat seam

84% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 6% Polypropylene


The Packaging: very crisp and clean, and (it sounds weird) but the packaging feels really soft to touch as well!

The front is all basic white with the model wearing the hosiery in greyscale, with the back giving you the lowdown on the hosiery:

“Sheer tights with two-toned floral pattern, asymmetrical embroidery-like pattern on the side. Comfortable waistband. Cotton gusset.”

Getting into them, they’re neatly wrapped around cardboard flat packed so you can slip them straight on!



Getting Them On: as I mentioned in my previous review Oroblu Azalea Tights, hosiery gloves are a must with these as they are delicate.

These are easy to get over smooth anklets, so anything sharp I would be extra careful getting them over it. Once again, they are so quick to get on; after pulling over anklets, I literally pulled them all the way up and job done!

Another great thing about these is you don’t have to worry about the side floral pattern being bent or wobbly; these you can mess with and choose how you want to wear them. I did mine slightly curved to begin with and then kept adjusting it during the day (all because I felt like it!)


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On The Legs: they look fab! I love how they’re an even denier all around – you may need to push up or down to smooth out any little crease bits but otherwise you’re good to go!

I seriously am loving the way they make my legs look and feel too! They are smooth enough to make your legs glide off each other and the denier is just a perfect coating on the legs not making it too dark giving it that lovely finish.

The quality here is a little blah; I managed to snag them (which was done easily) but luckily it was only the one throughout the whole day!

Now the design is something that is ultra cute and perfect for those who love floral prints. On the left leg, I had it from the ankle working up past the knee and the other was below the knee to the top thigh (just under tushy level) and it looked so good. It’s grey with white which works so well with the black base. Once again, you can switch the design around by wearing the tights the other way if you wish; I just didn’t want the floral design going over my tattoo.



The Toes & Ankle: they’re totally sheer (not a strip in sight), so peep toes and open toe shoes can be worn YAY! There’s plenty of wiggle room in these as well, and no added pressure on them during the day either which is a bonus!

Around the ankles, there is no creasing, especially with the print as well. I thought there might be some, but nothing whatsoever!



The Waistband: now this band is different to ones I have experienced with Oroblu before; it’s a thick top band before it becomes sheer (which is decent and I am certainly not complaining here!) and they sit smooth on the body without a single roll or crinkle in sight!

It’s comfortable, the seams are flat on these so they aren’t popping through clothing (which is nice!) and they stay up really well. The band is elasticated well and there was no sign of it losing any during the day.



My Thoughts?

Overall I am loving these; cute, sophisticated and perfect for those who aren’t comfortable or not a fan of nudes. Apart from the snag I managed to get, I think these are great to be honest.

They hold up really well, on the legs they look so great and a cute pair to add to the collection!


2 thoughts on “Oroblu Flower Daisy Tights

  1. Being honest, on their own? naaah! but WOW, together with that gorgeous outfit, it all looks pretty amazing and scrummy.
    Proper Easter treat 👌 🙂