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Oroblu Fizzy Overknees

This has got to be the first over-knee socks review I have ever done – and I am so frikking psyched! I have never worn them to work before either so this will be interesting to see what my colleagues think!


I got these off the main Oroblu Official Site  (so all the way from Italy itself) as they were on offer, so why not hey?

Now this is going to be an interesting review as I am doing a double review for the first time – I have a pair of some sexy super shiny sheers on underneath them as it’s pretty cold today!


My Outfit

I have changed my outfit for the 5th time this morning to make it look as good as I can!

I kept it cute and girly but teaming up with my bodytop, fitted skater skirt and to top it off, my wrap-around choker just to finish the look.

I went for white court shoes which were gifted by a follower a while back and I thought it went perfectly!!

I left the hair down to make it seem more casual. I was going to opt for having my hair in a pony, but I didn’t fancy looking like a proper doll!

My Deets:

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Choker: Independent retailer
Tights: CDR Vidrio

Socks: Oroblu

Shoes: Gifted Via Amazon


The Review

Packaging: As the packaging would be for socks really. It’s basic and as they’re open, you can feel the material and see exactly what they look like compared to enclosed packaging (I have seen some socks that do come in those).


They don’t seem like they would fit over the knees (shown in the image below) but once you get them on, it’s entirely up to you how far you wish to pull them up. The more you pull, the more you lose the design. So I kept it literally just sitting above my kneecap so you still expose the thighs but you have a nice compact design from the toes to the knees. I suppose this is something to consider when it comes to patterned socks.


Sock Band: The band on top of them are so soft and really nice on. I have to say they do keep hold very well (seeing as my tights are so slippery smooth I thought they would keep falling down) but the socks have done well to stay up as long as they have. I have slightly pulled up now and again as I have been on the move a lot today, but not once have they actually fallen down past the knees!


Design & Colour: I love the design of them and the colour too – they’re called crystal grey (but gives off a bit of a blue tone in them) rather than a soft grey so they do pop out when they are on. The design is something that I normally wouldn’t go for, but this time round I thought I had to just so I can do them to work. I normally team up with oversized shirts and then lounging in them, but I said to myself I am stepping out in these because they are so cute and dainty and would work well in Spring/Summer!


Around The Toes: I have to say it’s pretty comfortable and lots of wiggle room. I tried them on with and without tights on, so I had something to compare against. I have to say with silky tights on, the toe section does move around a bit, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case with net/lace tights as they would hold in place. Without tights on, they fell lovely and so soft too. I love the quality of them.



Overall Thoughts?

I really do love them and I am so happy I went back onto the site to purchase them before it was too late! They’re so soft, comfortable and dead versatile too. I’m sure I will be teaming these up with various tights I have just to give it that extra oomph to the outfit. I love how they’re on sale for a reasonable price too!! I would definitely recommend getting yourselves a pair!


6 thoughts on “Oroblu Fizzy Overknees

  1. Yes, love your whole figure! My legs are longer than yours I guess but no way near as perfect in shape! Lovely! XX

  2. How utterly fab and sexy is that…(rhetorical)

    The blue colour of the socks is actually a pleasant not in your face blue and marries with the nudes quite deliciously.
    Yes, the whole look has a total oomph about it 🙂

  3. This is a wonderful combination! The socks over the tights, and that beautiful glorious shine on the tanish/nude tights! Exquisite! Pls more with the shiny tights, and the socks as well. How did it go over with the coworkers? Are the tights a shiny sheer tan or nude?