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Oroblu Delight

And it sure is a delight to see them finally on!! I absolutely love this design and it’s perfect with winter coming up too!

The Outfit Deets

I got these a while ago and thought now is the best time to pull them out! I was going to layer them with black thigh high socks but then thought it was too casual for work so teamed them up with my furry boots instead!

I went with my grey bodysuit and a Bodycon Skirt along with my wrap choker just to finish off the look.

The Review

I love the packaging of these – it reminds me of Wolford packaging with its simplicity. It shows the design on the legs at the side and then the name at the front. All the details are stated at the back as always.

I noticed that these were sheer from toe to the band which is perfect for those who rock mini skirts and shorts in A/W!

You’ll notice that there aren’t reinforced toes on these however they are quite sheer around the foot and then works into a design from the ankle upwards. You’ll see this on the foot image below. I do love the uniqueness.

The quality of them are amazing – they have not snagged all day and I have had a tough day at work as well; running around everywhere, getting up and down and bashing into things and thry survived without a single snag! They feel soft and really silky to touch as well.

The pattern: this has got to my one of my favourites. I love how classy it looks. As soon as I saw them I just had to get them as I know it will work with a lot of outfits with the upcoming seasons!! I have a few pairs like this anyways but these are just in a world of their own! I didn’t think that they would work with my grey fur boots to begin with but as soon as I got them on, I instantly fell in love!

Getting them on over anklets is fine too – I would take extra care if you have more fussy ones as it could snag but otherwise I had no problem whatsoever!

The denier is also perfect – it’s 20 and works so well with the deeper pattern. Your legs still look fab and quite slim I may add here. I noticed that the pattern complimented my legs rather than it just be there (if that makes sense!) I love lighter deniers when it’s this time of year – it’s enough to make your outfits just pop and add that touch of sexiness too! Normally I would go darker or see others in opaques ย but it’s nice pulling out lighter ones from time to time!!

Overall verdict? Just buy them even if you’re not gonna wear them! I absolutely these and the quality is just amazing too. Don’t be scared to work with patterns – they add so much more to an outfit and you can work with it in so many ways.

Now enjoy……..


7 thoughts on “Oroblu Delight

  1. So beautiful mrs soni. Just perfect leg and feet shape. You always make me so hard with your pantyhose feet and legs. Thank you so much!!!!!