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Oroblu Brooke Geometric Tights

Statement tights alert!!!

I absolutely love this pair – total eyecatcher or what?! And they were a hit with the department too!

Thank you to UKTights for these – I know there are some other online stores that are currently stocking these pair!


My Outfit

Now I kept it plain Jane just to give it the show it deserves. I paired it up with my gold off the shoulder top along with my leather-look skirt and peep toe shoes just to finish it off. Seeing as it is Christmas, I thought add a little sparkle to it so it’s not all monochrome and dark!

My Deets:

Chocker: Claire’s Accessories

Top: Mango

Skirt: Mango

Tights: Via UKTights

Shoes: Ajvani gifted via Amazon


The Review

I’m gonna spoil it here and say that I hardly have anything bad to say about these! I think they are absolutely stunning and such a head turner!

The packaging was spot on – showing the tights in greyscale at the front and a small blurb at the back. They were beautifully wrapped inside so it was easy to just unfold and go!

They don’t have reinforced toes but they are the thicker black denier around them, so you should be ok with long nails!

Getting them on were easy – as long as you line up properly against the toes and work your way up, you shouldn’t have a problem lining them up. One major thing I did notice was that the design is not all the way around the tights – the main bold print is at the front and a plain thicker denier back to give more of a silhouette figure to the legs!

The waistband on these are great. They hold so well all day and stay firm too after many times off getting them on and off!

I do love the contrast of these – and to top it off, it’s a shiny tan in-between it all to set off the pattern and make those legs look gorgeous!

These are quite hard to snag – and I say this because I was wearing these with trainers that caught it on the ankle and it did end up having a little lint ball but I was fine the whole day. Not once did it turn into a little rip or anything!

The best thing I find about these is that they can work with any outfit and an footwear – I did both to work and it went so well I think! I even had some kids come up to me saying how amazing it looked!


The overall decision?

These are so damn awesome! They are a tad bit on the expensive side, but they are worth that. I can see these lasting a while in my eyes and definitely being worn more when I want to statement piece!!



3 thoughts on “Oroblu Brooke Geometric Tights

  1. …..and that, Meine Dammen und Herren, is how to stand out in a crowded room.
    They ooooze class and appeal from every possible angle.
    Totally mesmerizing.