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Oroblu Annabelle Ankle Highs

I have finally managed to get round to doing these pair of cuties – it has taken me so long because I kept pushing them back. But now I finally had the chance to just get in there and get them reviewed!

Just so you know beforehand, the main focus is on the socks and heels itself rather than the outfit.

Now these were from UKTights, however as they have been sold out, I have provided another link for you to be able to purchase them from.

The Spec

Colour: Milk

Denier: 50

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: One Size

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Oroblu Annabelle Ankle Highs

Alternative Website: Oroblu – Socks Annabelle / 3.97 euro


The Review

From The Website: Annabelle displays two of the most amazing and popular trends in the world of leg wear right now, namely it has a tattoo like pattern and the classic choice of a black and white contrasting colour scheme. The monochrome look is always a good choice for creating a big impact with little material or space to work with. Annabelle does this amazingly well, just covering above your ankles, but catching people’s eyes amazingly well. The other trend is newer and most in vogue, the tattoo effect. Tattoo leg wear is ideal for adding a dose of youthfulness to your outfit, and although much of these designs are sheer to create an imitation tattoo that is indistinguishable from a real one, these are a little different. Whilst not imitating bodyart, they still capture the flourishes and beautiful motifs that makes tattoos so popular, without the need for anything permanent.

* 50 denier
* Opaque ankle socks
* Floral print
* 100% Polyester


The Packaging: they came in open packaging; this means that it’s just the simple cardboard piece that’s wrapped around the socks. This means you can instantly feel how soft and smooth they really are.

The front shows the model wearing them and the back states a bit of blurb about them:

“Opaque socks with two-tone floral print”



Getting Them On: so there isn’t a certain way to wear these, however I did spot on either side there is a very faint line which I put on the inside of my foot. These felt a little weird getting them on because it’s that material which you normally wouldn’t wear as socks, but nevertheless I rocked it out.



On The Feet: being in them all day, I found that these start off where they’re supposed to sit and slowly crinkle themselves down so it’s gathered around the ankle instead. They loosen a little so your feet don’t feet so squished (it’s not that bad but a weird feeling really) and they hardly move.


I gotta say I think I need to wear these type more just to get used to how they feel; it’s like they want to be silky tights, but then the way they’re made, it’s just feels awkward. They’re not shaped to your feet or anything, so like I mentioned you can wear them whichever way! But if you haven’t worn socks like this before, then just note that it will feel strange to begin with.



The Design: I am totally loving the design and colour. It’s unusual as I thought I could pair white and realised I couldn’t in the end, so good old black had to do to emphasise them! It’s on both sides of the feet. so it doesn’t matter if you wear one way and then change it round the next time.


As it’s a creamy/milk colour, I would rather pair these with summer skirts and dresses and some real cute heels rather than jeans, however it’s finding the right skirt/dress which is the mission for me as I don’t have that many that these would have gone with.


The quality of these are superb too – no snags, they hardly catch and they stay put. That’s all I want in a pair of socks (especially in these), so these just fit the bill!


My Thoughts?

They are super cute, but it’s a shame it took me a while to adjust to them. I suppose once you get over it, it’s all good but it took me most of the day to do so!

I would love to try these in different colours if they had them, as I found it hard to pair an outfit with these to begin with. But lesson learnt, I will try harder next time now that I’ve worn them the once already!

The quality is fab, the look is just super cute and the Oroblu have done well with these!