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Onlymaker Thigh High Stretch Sock Boots

These babies are a pair that have been gifted for my birthday, and I cannot express how excited I am to review these for you. I did show a sneak peak when I went out for my pre-birthday mean on my Instagram and Twitter, but now we get to see them up close and personal!

Now I am happy to hear and say that a lot of my followers have already purchased these boots as soon as I showed them off on my Instagram story – thank you for those who trusted my judgement and did so! I do hope you are enjoying them as much as I am!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 6

Price: £38.99

Website: Amazon – onlymaker Womens Thigh High Pointy Toe Stiletto Stretch Sock Boots Over The Knee Stockings Bootie Pumps

The Review

From The Website: Pointed toe stiletto high heel sock boots feature ultra-thin stretch stockings material, 4.7 ” stable slim high heel, sexy and comfortable for walking.

COMFY and SEXY–Also a pumps with a sewn-in elastic leg, 21 inches shaft height. the cosy fabric runs from toe to thigh to envelop your leg in soft, a wonderful party club dress couture boots.
Closure: Slip-On
Heel Height: 12 centimetres
Heel Type: Stiletto
BEST GIFTS–Black pointed toe stretch boots with non-slip silicone inside is the most wished & gift ideas for wife, daughter, girlfriend, lover. Love her, buy her onlymake.Big size for wide feet is available.
OCCASION–This over the knee boots offer a fashion look and comfortable to walk around in all day. Suitable for Casual, Party, Office, Dating, Evening, Dancing, Pair with jeans for casual use. Wear with a dress for a night out!
AFTER-SALE SERVIC–About Onlymaker, you are taking no risk with your purchase, we provide free exchange and US/EU/UK local return,any question, please contact us directly, we will handle it soon until you are satisfied.


The Packaging: these come in a nice sturdy box, and in their own mesh bags too. They are folded round each other (the sock part) so you need to unfold and then get ready to get them on.

These do have some form of grip under the heels, but you might want to hairspray them or use something rough to give them some grip before you start walking in them.


Getting Them On: well the easiest way is to roll / scrunch down the sock part and slip your feet in and then roll the sock up your legs and set in place. If you try to do it with the sock part not scrunched down, it is super hard (already tried and tested, so this is me giving you heads up)


On The Feet: well let’s say that these have been so good to me! The best part is that these do not fall down no matter what, and I love that about them!

They have a cluster of silicone flowers that stick to the legs wherever you set them, and they stay put until you roll them down. I do feel body creams or oils will affect this, so maybe refrain from using them before you get these on or let them have time to soak into the legs before you get your boots on.

The fit of them are great; I didn’t realise but they look like a pair of 50-60 denier holdups on the legs when you’re close up. I thought they would be completely opaque, but this look works perfectly too!

Around the feet, the shoes are comfortable but do start to hurt after a few hours walking. They are court shoes, and I would suggest padding them out of wearing them in a bit before you spend hours in them otherwise you will regret it. I would need to pad them slightly next time so I can start suffering when I’m nearly home and not half way through my day.

These are super stretchy so you can sit them as low or high as you want – but bear in mind the higher you sit them, the more sheer they become on the legs. When I tried to sit them high up the thighs, I saw that they became quite sheer and looked like they had been forced up the legs rather than a smooth look (if that makes sense!)

Now a word of warning, but I found that the heel caps on these wear down quick! My left foot was fine, but my right the heel cap started to curve in slightly, which made weird noises when you walk. So make sure you have some heel caps handy to replace them as soon as you can – by the way no heel caps come with these boots!


My Thoughts?

I gotta say they have become my favourite super quick and I can see these coming out a lot more over the next few months! I love the way they sit on the legs, especially those silicone flowers which keep them in place and stops them falling down! I would recommend these for sure!

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  1. Wow, these look fantastic! In some pictures they look grey; probably the lighting I suspect. They may look cute scrunched too. Thank you for sharing!