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Onlymaker Red Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals Pumps

So these shoes first caught my eye on an advert I saw on eBay or Amazon, and I knew I had to get my hands on them. This was a few months back, and a lovely friend of mine decided to gift them to me (along with another pair) to do a review on!

I did want to go for a red sole on the bottom of the too, however that was going to cost extra so I left out that and just went for the standard option instead. My next pair of OnlyMaker I will try to get them with the red sole!

The Spec

Colour: Red

Size: UK 5

Materials: Unknown

Price: $39.99

Website: OnlyMaker – Red Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals Pumps

The Review

The Packaging: I do love the way their packaging is. It normally comes in a sturdy presentable box, and wrapped in their own mesh bags inside to protect the patent on the heels.

I inspected them to see if there were any damages or any marking, and I can say there was not one I came across.


Getting Them On: as these are slingbacks, and on the tightest, I slipped my foot right into it. I will say here that I will need to punch in some extra holes just so they are slightly tighter around the foot, as these can easily slip off.



On The Feet: let me start off with the heels. It can look deceiving but these are pretty high, so if you’re not used to a stiletto heel without a supporting platform, you may want to rethink or buy a pair and train yourself 🙂 I thought they were the perfect height to make a statement with compared to a smaller kitten heel.

The quality of this make never lets me down. This pair in particular are great; they are sturdy, they are made well and they are true to size.

The fit of these are true to size in terms of width and length, however I mentioned previously about the strap being a little tighter so I get a snug fit without the strap flinging off my foot every so often. This can easily be done at home or at a cobbler/shoemaker.

The soles of these are pretty slippery on wooden flooring, so I had to wear them out and just rub them against the pavement so they get a little grip to them otherwise these were coming right off! Another great thing you can do is use sandpaper and lightly grate it so it isn’t too slippy.

The colour is just amazing – it’s a gorgeous Ferrari red and with the crocodile print, it really looks amazing. I could easily wear these with a pair of jeans or a skirt on its own without hosiery and it would still look fire! I will say these can not only be dressed right, but can easily be dressed provocatively if that’s a look you’re after. I know a lot of my friends are interested in these for bedroom wear only as soon as they say it on my Instagram Story.



My Thoughts?

I would certainly recommend this pair if you haven’t got your hands on it already. I love the look, the colour and the fit of them. They are a pair that can be once again dressed up or down!