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OnlyMaker Pointed Toe T-strap Stiletto High Heel Pumps

I have some amazing heels being reviewed on the blog this month, and this is one of the pairs I could not wait to do! I saw these a few times across Instagram, and I was way too excited when I managed to get my hands on them! Just a heads up that I got these from the company, so I haven’t added in any direct purchase links for you (sorry!)

I also switched up the setting as well, making the background plain so the shoes could really stand out!

The Spec

Colour: Multi

Size: UK 5

Materials: Outer Material: Synthetic, Inner Material: Manmade, Sole: Gum Rubber

Price: $69.99

Website: OnlyMaker – Pointed Toe T-strap Stiletto High Heel Pumps

The Review

The Packaging: as you can see below, these came in their own little sturdy box, wrapped individually in mesh bags and padded out at the front of the shoes to keep the shape during transit. These did take a while to come through, however they are so worth the wait!


Getting Them On: these are easy to slip right into. You can also adjust the black straps to widen or tighten them once your foot is in as well, which I think is brilliant! I wore holdups with mine so my foot slid right in, and I am sure they would be fine with bare feet as well.

I did my buckle on one of the tightest settings as I prefer it that way, but you can always set it how you feel comfortable.



On The Feet: I gotta say they are gorgeous! You can notice that there is some gapping at the back of the foot – with hosiery I always get this, but when I wear heels with bare feet, my feet do expand a little so having that gapping there really does help so it isn’t too tight on your feet.

The fit of these were spot on and so comfortable to wear as well! I am between UK 5 and 6, but I opted for a 5 and winged it as they fit so well! I would recommend measuring your feet and using the company’s sizing guide before buying as everyone has their own variation in sizes.

The heel height I would pin down as high as it’s a thin and supposedly 4.75 inches, so not many women (or men) would go for a height like this. I love it as this is the height I would normally wear anyways, so I found them comfortable to be in. I was in them for most of the day, and they did not hurt once! If you do feel that they start to rub or hurt the balls of your feet, then add in insoles or grips to help.

I had plenty of room at the front of the heels as well for my toes to wiggle and move about without feeling squished.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say these are such a stunning pair, and one that you can dress up or down with! I got a feeling these will be a pair that I will be rocking through Winter now!

3 thoughts on “OnlyMaker Pointed Toe T-strap Stiletto High Heel Pumps

  1. Hi Soni,you’re looking elegant&sophisticated in these sheer nude stay ups and those sexy high heels,what a beauties are they!This review is a lovely start of a new week,thank you gorgeous and have a nice day😉

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Hey Soni,
    These look fabulous on you! Really gorgeous heels and super-styley! I have a pair of Onlymakers and they came with what appear to be pads (?). Did yours come with them as well? I’m trying to figure out where they go. lol!