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Onlymaker Open Toe Gladiator Cutout Colorful Snake Sandals

This is a little change to my normal footwear. As much as I love my everyday and work heels, I haven’t done party heels for a good while now, and to be fair I haven’t purchased any until I saw this pair.

This gorgeous pair was gifted by a good friend of mine, so let’s get reviewing!

The Spec

Colour: Snake

Size: UK 5

Materials: Unknown

Price: $39.99

Website: OnlyMaker – Red Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals Pumps

The Review

The Packaging: is once again brilliant. These come in such a sturdy box, and the heels are in their own mesh bags tucked neatly inside.

I did my usual inspection of the heels before getting them on, and I found no issues with them 🙂


Getting Them On: you just need to make sure the straps are at the side so you can slip your foot in easily. I buckled these u p pretty tight around the ankles, to the tightest point so they stay put whilst reviewing.

These sit over a lot of my anklets, so I did have to readjust underneath so they wasn’t digging into me whilst I was in them.



On The Feet: let me start with the colour of these. I, for one, love the print on these. I normally don’t go for something this wild, but snake print and holographics are such a great combination, and I can imagine when you have flashing lights hitting these – STATEMENT PIECE!

The ankle cuff I was a little unsure about at first, but looking at it once they’re on, they don’t look bad at all. It will also depend on how you dress these heels; you can either look kinda classy or just plain wrong! These sit just above your ankle bone and they are comfortable to move in, depending on how tight you choose to have them on your ankles. I kept mine tight and it was fine for me to move around in easily.

The heel height is not too bad, but for those who don’t wear heels often, you may struggle in these a little. I felt these were slightly lower than my usual, so I was able to be in them for much longer and I mean I could be dancing away happily without a worry in them too! These don’t have a front platform, so you are on the balls of your feet. You can get insoles or gel pieces to put inside if you really do struggle.

The straps across the foot aren’t adjustable or have any elastic to stretch them out, so I would make sure you check it out on the website before ordering. These were fine going across my feet, as they fit really well and there wasn’t much gapping. The fit of the shoes are perfect for my feet, as I made sure I measured them against their sizing chart a while ago before I started wearing this brand more.

The quality of these are pretty damn good, and I like the OnlyMaker brand for this reason. Their heels last me a long while, and don’t wear out easily either.


My Thoughts?

I really like these heels once I got them on. I do like the way they look with the snake and holographic print to them. It gives it more rather than having a solid colour. The fit of these are great and I would certainly recommend them!