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Ochenta Liquid Look Leggings

Once again thank you to my follower who gifted these awesome pair of liquid-look leggings! I think they look so funky!

Now this won’t be a mega massive review but will go from packaging to my thoughts for you. I only tried on the leggings with shoes and didn’t make it a complete outfit like I normally would as I’m looking for the right top to pair up with this still!


So as they came from China – the postage label gave it away – they came pretty well wrapped I gotta say. Normally they just stuff it into a bag all crinkled and whatever, but they folded this with tissue all around and put into a clear plastic bag and then a parcel bag. So well presented I must say for China!

You will find that they might stick together a little but that’s due to the material and that coating you will feel on them.

They did look pretty big on the waist and stated ‘Size 3’ which scared me a little, but once they are on, they fit really nice around the waist. I won’t say it’s perfect fitting as China is backwards on their sizing, but it did fit well and they stay on nicely too. No panty line either in these as you get in most leggings!!!

I also gotta say that they are pretty good in length too – not too short or too long. I always find they go either way, but these fit nicely around the ankles. I’m sure you can pull these up and do a little crinkle if you wanted – I normally do so it doesn’t make me look so short!

I love how smooth they are on the legs – even though you might see some wrinkles over the place, they do sit nice and flush. It’s better when you’re standing and walking around than sitting in the posed positions I currently am.


The only stand-out point I want to make is that the waistband isn’t all that great. Like it stays put, but it could be slightly more fitted than a loose elastic band around the waist.

Another point is that you can find it shades different in various lighting (seen in the pics below). It’s a goldy colour but it did shade a dark silver/gray at times.


So after all this, would I recommend? Yeah they’re actually pretty awesome and I think it could work with a lot. I know I would do this with a tunic top for an evening out or pair with a dress and make it into an Indian outfit or something!


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