Now That the Seasons Are Changing… Here Are Some Fashion Storage Tips To Keep In Mind

One of the best ways to get the most out of your fashion is to change up your outfits depending on the season. Not only is this practical, but it’s also a great way to show different kinds of self-expression and show off a bunch of clothes and styles. It’s usually considered practical to have a different wardrobe per season because not only does the weather change, but it helps you get the most out of your clothes and styles.

In this post, I shall be looking at some helpful tips to store your clothes and extras as the season changes.

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Define what daily essentials are & what seasonal pieces are

Most people will typically have a mix of seasonal pieces and daily essentials. Essentials include anything that you can wear on a regular daily basis; any random plain shirts, underwear, lingerie, and other essentials. While you don’t necessarily need to completely change these things as well, it might be worth getting a new set of some of these essentials and replacing older ones. This will help keep your wardrobe fresh and you can keep your older stuff around for emergency situations. Anything that you don’t need now can be vacuum-packed and left in storage for a rainy day.

Be careful of humidity & mould

One of the biggest issues you can face when it comes to clothes storage in hotter months is humidity. If the air is humid due to weather conditions or because of a failing air conditioner unit, then it can actually promote mould growth all around the house. This will ultimately affect your clothes as well, even if they’re kept safely inside of a wardrobe. I would recommend that you contact an emergency ac repair service if you haven’t maintained your HVAC unit for a while, or if you can detect that the air in your home is a lot more humid. If you’ve not been using your air conditioner for a while because it’s been cold for the past few months, then your HVAC system might be dusty enough that it’s doing a poorer job of removing moisture from the air. In this case, it’s going to negatively affect your clothes and you should aim to fix it as soon as you can.

Get small storage boxes for accessories & trinkets

One of the best ways to store and organise your accessories and trinkets involves a few small storage boxes. These are a great way to sort your jewellery but it also helps to keep them away from humid conditions, dust, and other kinds of wear and damage. While most people don’t have a large enough collection of accessories to wear different things each season, it’s still a great storage tip that will help make it easier for you to switch between different kinds of accessories. These days, face masks can also be considered an accessory because they can be surprisingly fashionable, so it’s worth considering how you want to store non-jewellery accessories and tidbits as well.

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