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Next Fashion Tights

Seeing as these don’t have a proper name, I will just rock with what it says on the packaging.

The Spec

Colour: Black / Red Velvet

Size: S-M

Price: £15.00 / eBay £4.99

Website: eBay


My Outfit

I’m not gonna lie but I struggled to pair an outfit with these! I went for my red cape shirt and a black bodycon skirt in the end and kept it basic rather than getting fancy. When I first purchased these, I had an outfit in mind that would look so good, but like an idiot I forgot to jot it down!

I went with my black boots as I had a lot of running around to do, so it was easier to be in these for the day rather than open shoes. I kept my hair up and added a choker to complete the look.

My Deets

Shirt: Miso @ Republic

Skirt: New Look

Boots: Forever 21


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The Review

The Packaging: is very basic. The thing with Next is that a lot of their hosiery is open and doesn’t come in packets. The front and back is shown below and the last image shows the cardboard in the tights so you get to see the full design.



Getting Them On: there is no right or wrong way of getting these on – you will notice that there is a side gap on each legs where the design sits at the front and back of the legs. It works its way from the toes right to the band that sits under your bum (as you can see below). You may want to be mindful of the velvet design as it does pick up dust and other little bits (I had to keep dusting off!)




The Toes: are very baggy – but this is due to the thick denier. Normally they would be more rounded off, but these had a lot of room in them. But otherwise they are pretty decent; enough wiggle room and your toes won’t rip through them if you have long nails.


Now let me mention what happened with these. As much as I like them, they ended up staining the inside of my boots and the design colour had rubbed off the tights too! I took them off and was not impressed as the last thing I want is for this to stain another pair of tights I wear these with!


This is what I am on about with the colour rubbing off the tights – be mindful of the shoes that you wear with hosiery like this! I was so not happy!



The Waistband: is a sturdy one and holds up well throughout the day. It’s not one that digs in, but does become slightly loose by the end of the day. This sits above my belly button, so pretty high compared to most tights.



The Look & Feel: I really love the way these look. I love the velvet texture on dark deniers as it’s something that can be dressed up or down. What I don’t really like is that the velvet catches little particles easily and it takes forever to keep them dust-free. The design is just gorgeous and very rich looking! What I do like is that these tights are slightly sheer where it stretches on your legs so it’s not blocked out.



My Thoughts?

I really do like these and think they look stunning on, but when the colour rubbing off and the dust catching does not do it for me. The quality is ok; I wouldn’t say it’s that great but it does for the price you pay. I got these cheap and they did for me.


One thought on “Next Fashion Tights

  1. Love the look gives that layered look in a way the only draw back is the rubbing off. The ones am wearing in my pic are of a black floral design also have the in a red and white. I love wearing them they are Music Legs brand Spandex Sheer Pantyhose Woven Floral Rose Vine Tattoo Design tights believe they were $12 a pair.