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Nancies Fully Fashioned Point Heel Stockings

Another new brand is on the blog today, however I cannot get hold of any background information – which sucks! They are sold on Amazon, which means that I won’t be able to get brand information as they never want to include it anywhere for those who are interested!

Now let me work a pair of stockings from day to night – and all you need is a change of shoes for it. I wanted to create a simple but effective look with this pair.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 9.5″

Denier: Around 20

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £30.00

Website: Amazon – Nancies Fully Fashioned Point Heel Stockings

My Outfit

Well this little outfit is me working it from day to night – maybe with a change of heels in there too. I paired my tunic dress with my Simmi open toe sandals. I wore court shoes before, but forgot to do a picture in them for this review!

My Deets

Tunic: French Connection

Stockings: Nancies

Heels: Simmi



The Review

From The Website: Nancies Fully Fashioned Nylon Stockings. Shaped foot, …………….. pointed heel, and seam made on original flat bed machines. ……………. This is the real deal. ……………… High quality Fully Fashioned Stockings are the real thing complete with the authentic loop in the welt……………….. beautifully smooth with a sheer finish. ………………… Available in NATURAL AND BLACK ……………. Sizing Information : ……………. ( 8.5” = Inside Leg 27” / Height 4’11” – 5’2” ) …………….. ( 9.0” = Inside Leg 28” / Height 5’2” – 5’5” ) ………………. ( 9.5” = Inside Leg 29” / Height 5.5” – 5’7” ) …………….. ( 10.0 = Inside Leg 30” / Height 5’7” – 5’9” ) ………………. ( 10.5 = Inside leg 31” / Height 5’9” – 5’11” )………………… PLEASE NOTE : NO RETURNS ON STOCKINGS.

Shaped Foot
Point Heel
100% Nylon
Hand Wash in cool water
Loop in the Welt
100% Nylon


The Packaging: now this is a first for me – to see packaging like this from a brand I haven’t heard about before. Considering it’s a little pricey, I expected more from their packaging to be honest.

The front states what they are, the size and colour. Apart from that, it’s all plain.

When you get in, you will find these wrapped around tissue-wrapped card to keep them in place and secure.

Laying them out on the bed shows me that these might be pretty big for me, but we shall see how we get on.


Getting Them On: okay so yep … These are pretty big for me – to the point they reach right up to my tushy and could even go further if they wanted to! This just means I have some wrinkles to deal with during the day!

I got these over my anklets slowly and then pulled them gently up the legs. I had to try and get my belt as high as I could on me, so that the clasps wouldn’t sit too low.



On The Legs: well let me just say that these are looking damn good on the legs, despite the wrinkles that come along with it! I knew I should have opted for 9″, but never mind. You live and learn here…

The fit of these are slightly too big, but this gives me the opportunity to add some wrinkles around the legs. I normally don’t really like it, but seeing as we are going all vintage-like here, why not?

The feel of them are so soft and really silky on the legs. Like most FF stockings, these feel great and do caress the legs well. Mine kept turning, which meant the backseam never really sat straight, but hey … All part of the look I’m going for here.

The quality of these are decent, and I am impressed. I did manage to scuff these slightly right at the end of my shoot, but it was no massive biggie. It wasn’t that noticeable at all, which was a ‘phew’ moment for me! I will say that these can snag pretty easy if you don’t take care whilst you’re in them.

The colour of them are gorgeous; they are a lovely subtle black which isn’t too heavy so you still get you skin colour coming through to help set it off. And with that backseam… I am just loving it!


The Toes & Ankle: so excuse the no nail varnish as my toes are having a breather once again. The reinforced part just about covers the nails and then works into that gorgeous sole panel at the bottom.

There is plenty of wiggle room in these, to the point the reinforced toes never stay straight whilst you’re walking around. The same goes around the feet too, unless you’re wearing closed heels where they won’t be able to wiggle around as much.

Around the ankles, they do have a fitted finish at times (this is when I pull my stockings up) otherwise it’s wrinkle-town over here!


The Bands: another set of real good welts. They stretch out when they need to, but as they are already a little big, they worked perfectly for my thighs without stretching them out at all.

They were the perfect fit!

The clasps hold on really well here, and I had no issues with them whatsoever to be honest. They served me well, and I would love to wear these again with an 8-clasp suspender belt to give it more of a vintage vibe.

And before I forget to mention – this has that gorgeous little loop hole in the welt and I love it!



My Thoughts?

I am so glad I got to try these out, because I loved being in them despite the fact they are one size bigger for me. I would love to try these again in 9″ and see how I get on and compare it to this pair. I would highly recommend these for sure!

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  1. Good morning Soni,do like your review today.You’re looking stunning in vintage nylons like the beauties in this review!Thank you for giving us your high quality pictures of your gorgeous legs,soles&toes in these sexy backseam nylons!
    Have a nice day Goddess👣

    Greetz Andre😘