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Mystery Tights by Céduire

So it’s Sunday night (our last night) in London, and I decided to go all out. My feet are killing by this point with the amount of walking we had done, and I was going back into my killer heels – my feet DID NOT thank me for this!

I was unsure about what to wear as I had brought an extra outfit with me, but I knew these tights weren’t going to pair up with it that well, so I decided to go dark and just roll with it… And I have to say that it looked amazing!!!!

I know these aren’t fish nets, but they’re a net so I’m gonna rock with it!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Price: $29.00 / Sale $19.00

Website: Mystery Tights by Ceduire


My Oufit

So when I say dark, I mean dark! I went with a lace bra (with nipple covers) covereby a see-through rouched crop top, along with my midi leather skirt and finally my killer sandals!!!

I kept my hair down and straight, and added my dark brown/red lipstick to set it off. I added some great big whacker of earrings to finalise the look and off we go out!

My Deets

Lace Bra: Debenhams

Sheer Top: Zara

Leather Skirt: Mango

Lipstick: Mac Double Fudge

Tights: Céduire

Shoes: Simmi Shoes


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The Review

Before I begin, let me give you a little something from the website itself:




Size Available:  one-size
Season:  Summer
Pattern Type: Floral
Color:  Black
Style:  Sexy
88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex


Machine wash cold with like colors

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Dry clean

Do not tumble dry

Dry flat

Very gentle wet cleaning


The Packaging: is elegant as always. I think this is one of the best things about Ceduire is their luxury packaging.

If you haven’t read my previous, the packaging is the same as before, so give it a read to see what the inserted card says!



Getting Inside: now looks a little weird but don’t worry. These will cling onto the legs so well! The card is inserted at the top of the tights so you don’t need to reach all the way down to take it out.


Once you get the card out, this is where I was not impressed. I found that these tights were inside out. How do you know? …


… That is how you know and I hate this. This just shows that it’s a cheap pair that hasn’t even been finished properly. I  told my hubby sitting there –

“…this is you would expect buying a cheap pair from China is that extra material around the toes and the fact that it’s folded inside out!!!”

Ugh I was so miffed I had to get my rings off and get my hand all the way in to turn them outside in!

When you get them on, you will feel the extra material around your toes, but just know that they will be reinforced!! – See the pic below on right on the end of my toes you will see that extra material peering through!



The Waistband:  and babes it doesn’t get any better right now. The waistband is HUGE on me to the point I had to turn it over the tights to make it sit on my hips! I was so annoyed! They are so loose, there is no way  that these would even sit on me, maybe a size 12 upwards!


I tried to take the best pic I could without exposing too much, but these certainly are baggy as anything on me!PhotoGrid_1495566849655


On The Legs: I have to say they do cling on very well and they don’t fall down either. I half expected it to be down my legs during the night but they actually weren’t! I do love the design on these – very grunge, very punk but can be styled in so many ways. I went dark, but even with a simple coloured dress, these can make it something else! I just love how it can be so versatile, but not everyone’s cup of tea though. I had a few weird looks as they don’t look ‘womanly’ I know, but don’t let that stop you!



The Feel: is pretty rough and I wouldn’t expect anything else really. These do feel like something I could easily pick up off eBay from China, but I won’t slate as these are a lovely design and pretty unique too. It reminds me of an Emilio Cavallini pair that I have which I haven’t worn for a while but lived out of for so long!



Does It Snag“: well I actually did catch it a few times, but it’s not something that will show and may just add to the design if I am honest. I didn’t rip them or anything, but I manage to catch it on the corner of the table! I would advise you to be careful of the heel part as the material does stretch a lot there so the last thing you want is a massive hole! I had to keep tugging mine down to make sure there wasn’t a lot of pressure and pull on this part!



Overall Thoughts?

Honestly? I don’t think I would recommend these. I hate the fact that they were outside in when I got them out the packaging which is something that could have been done by the supplier beforehand, and I hate that they don’t actually fit me on the hip/waist! I mean I know they’re one size, but I expected a reasonable elastic band and not something that is humongous on me.

I do love the design and the way they look on the legs, but I can probably say that you may find these cheaper on eBay if you looked hard enough!

Sorry Ceduir but they did not cut it for me this time! Fingers crossed the next pair rock my world!


8 thoughts on “Mystery Tights by Céduire

  1. Oh these look just amazing.
    Such style and appeal.

    One of my favourite outfit combinations. Leather skirt, shockingly high heels, legs to die for decorated in those yummy designed tights.
    What is there not to like?

    Not womanly? Really?
    Total woman if you ask me 😉

    Dangerously sexy. My compliments Mrs.

  2. Awww I was so hoping you were going to love these. The design is so lovely it’s such a shame about the fit around the waist. I did have one thought though, how about cutting them down to stockings? Problem solved 💋

  3. Interesting name as there is something a bit mysterious (in a good way!) about a pair of legs with this pattern. I really love the overall outfit though, it seems to emphasizes the beauty of women with south asian features (like yourself) naturally possess 🙂