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M&S Limited Ed. Jubilee Tights

Well the nudes are back out to play again after a long break! I’ve had these sitting in my reviewing box for a while now and I decided that they needed to come out on this blustery day!

I teamed them up with my studded jumper dress and edgey boots to still keep cosy. I was going to do them with a white or cream dress however they are a sheer that do make your legs look quite creamy so I opted for darker colours to make the crowns stand out rather than blend it all in with lighter colours.

What inspired me to buy these awesome tights?

Well I hope you believe me when I say all of you… All of my followers on Instagram, on my blog, on Facebook and now on email too! I saw these and honestly I thought:

This is how my followers make me feel (on a daily basis too!) – like a queen with all love and support that I get on a daily basis *kisses to you all*


So moving onto the review:

  • I love the packaging on these – they show off the design really nicely at the front and also give a straight-to the-point description that they have the reinforced toes and a cotton gusset on them. They came in a slim line box with the tights wrapped around the cardboard in a plastic outer packet. So I’m a happy bunny!
  • They have to be one of the most softest tights I have ever rolled onto my legs and I mean like baby bottom soft! They felt like a dream to get on without them getting caught in my anklets.
  • I would pin them down to be around 15 denier with the way the material is quite thick but you still get a slight sheer through them.
  • I have to say I do love the matt look on them – it does make the crowns stand out a lot more than if they were on gloss, especially since they are stitched in and not transferred on like some you do get.
  • Now this design is too awesome – I mean I had most of my work colleagues say how cool my tights look and where I got them from? I haven’t worked with a design like this before – I normally do heavy prints however these are subtle but effective enough to make a statement piece.
  • Let me just mention again – THEY HAVE REINFORCED TOES!!! And they’re light enough to be able to wear with peep toe shoes as well!


The only bad points I have to make are:

  • They do snag easily – I have already made a damn hole in them! I have no idea how I did that but I’m not impressed! Within the first hour of wearing them as well *face palm*
  • They do fall down a little – the waistband is so lovely and so soft but it’s not tight enough to keep them held up all day. They’ve started to work their way down the legs so there I am once again pulling them up!


Teaming Up:

Ok so I found it pretty difficult to team these up last night as I haven’t done a nude with print like this before and I wanted to make them a statement piece rather than blending them in, so I opted for blacks. I mean you can’t go wrong!

These would work well with lighter coloured clothing too and depending on your skin colour, they would work for almost everyone! If you are darker skinned, I would recommend getting the black sheer rather than nude just to make them more effective.

I would put these down as more of daytime tights than evening due to the creaminess in them – if they were the black sheers then I would say you could wear them anytime.

They can also be dressed up causal or smart depending on your chosen outfit:-

  • Smart – White shirt, black shirt and court shoes.
  • Smart Casual – Cream shirt, blue skirt and booties
  • Casual – Any colour t-shirt, denim or structured shorts and trainers.

There are many ways you can dress these once you have done one look in them – that’s what I am thinking now that I have done it the one it becomes easier the second time round!

By the way before I forget, the colour also depends on the lighting too. The most true colour would be the first picture below rather than the second. I took them in two different places in my room so you can tell the difference.


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