Mounter Mesh Bodysuit

Now this little piece was gifted a while back, and I finally got my hands to reviewing it. You know me I like to review just about anything! I have to say I am a little reluctant to actually do this one… But I won’t give it away here… So keep on reading…

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Materials: Unknown

Price: £3.99

Website: Amazon – Mounter Women Sexy Mesh Tops, O- Neck Lace Transparent Jumpsuit, Bodycon Bodysuit Long Sleeve Playsuits Solid Color Rompers (Black, S)

The Review

The Packaging: now this piece basically came wrapped in plastic packaging with nothing else on it (check the top left picture) – basically I had no idea what was inside until I had to open it to check. Not great but you know this will be from China (they tend to do that a lot).

When you get in, basically what you see below is what you get. No tags or anything – just the simple bodysuit.


On The Body: okay so I have to say it wasn’t much of a struggle to get this piece on as it was baggy enough! There is no shaping to this whatsoever which is a major disappointment!

Getting this on, I got it over my head, through the arms and then buttoned it at the bottom (near the crotch area) – I say this as I know some people who lift it from their legs up onto their body (weird I know!!!)

As you can see from the images below, this is what it looks like on. It’s just a square cut of piece with short sleeves and just looks cr*p basically.

It’s so cheap and such bad quality I am actually surprised I got this on to show you

I gotta say there is plenty of elasticity in the body but it’s a shame that it doesn’t actually fit to the body in any way. The arms are pretty short in length as well, and that mesh easily rips too. I managed to end up ripping it near the shoulder part when I was taking it off – goes to show it really does not last!

You can also see the hem lines are horrendous as well – really wonky, messy and just horrible to see!




My Thoughts?

Nope. Just nope. Don’t even bother

4 thoughts on “Mounter Mesh Bodysuit

  1. Hello Soni,your high standard of doing your reviews,isn’t the same what we can say about this body.If I was you,I wouldn’t wear it.This item looks cheap and isn’t feminine at all😢
    Thank you anyway and enjoy your weekend gorgeous!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. I suppose the £3.99 price tag reflects the cr*ppy quality? It does look a tad awkward in terms of wear, I can’t deny that, but, loving the effect of that final photo 👌😍

    It’s not ALL bad from my perspective 😏😜