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Mona Lorin 01 Tights

Now this pair is pretty special as my colleague from work got me these from Poland when she went back home for a while. I was so happy as I have reviewed Mona before and think they are a good brand! As she wasn’t aware of my size, she played it safe and went for Medium instead of Small (which is cool as medium fits well but isn’t as snug as small can be)

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Mona Valentine 20 Bikini Tights

So once again this is a Part 1 of 2 (with 2 being the shoe review of course!)

I managed to find you all a website where you can purchase these as well in case you were after a pair! 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 3 / Medium

Denier: 20

Materials: 86% polyamide, 13% elastane, 1% polyester 

Price: €4.35

Website: Soyelle – LORIN 01 black tights with silver thread, strips


My Outfit

Letting the bottom half of me do the talking today by wearing a black t-shirt dress paired with velvet peep toe shoes! I kept my hair all natural (and weird looking) today and added silver hoop earrings to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: H&M 

Tights: Mona

Shoes: from Amazon – review followed by this blog!



The Review

From The Website:

beautiful, subtle tights evening
thin thickness of 20 den
thighs stripes alternating with black and silver thread
the composition of the fabric: 86% polyamide, 13% elastane, 1% polyester
black with silver patterns


The Packaging: so the front looks all fire-like with the red background and the model wearing the hosiery. It looks quite nice to be honest and helps to emphasise the twirls on the legs.

The back goes into more detail about sizing, hosiery care and the following:

“Patterned satin sheer tights with Elasthan. Made of covered Elasthan and soft polyamide flat yarns. Reinforced toes and transparent panty with small gusset. Flat seam. Matt.”

When you get in, you will find these wrapped properly around the card so you have to unwind them off! Normally they just fold around it, but not this time. These are flat packed so the toes are kept flat along with the rest of the leg.

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Getting Them On: now as these aren’t too bad in terms of symmetry, you can get away with having these a little different on each leg if you wish. Me being me – I like to keep it how it’s supposed to be so I will be there lining it up making sure they are matching as best as they can!

I did my usual scrunch and roll up, without any issues regarding the anklets. They were such an easy glide up (and the fact I have extra play room with them being medium too!)


On The Legs: oooo weeeeeee they are looking so cool! I love the design on these, especially if you’re looking for something to emphasise calves!  This is one as it starts from the bottom and works its way to mid-top calf, this helps to make the stand out a little better. Although I wouldn’t suggest these to those who are looking for a pair to make their legs look slimmer.

The fit and feel are real great. The fit is so nice for a medium; I felt like I had plenty of room so I didn’t need to stretch as much up the legs and I certainly didn’t experience them falling down either. The feel of them are so soft; they are a matte finish which also helps to make the legs look slimmer.

The quality is good on these; although I did manage to get a small hole in them right at the top of my thigh (at the back thank goodness) which I was sad about. Otherwise these have lasted so well throughout the day! They are a lovely pair.


The Toes & Ankle: now I mentioned that there were no crinkles hanging around the ankles which I love considering this is one size up so it shows how elasticated they are.

The toes are reinforced, which is great news for those who keep them long. There is plenty of wiggle room and space in them for your toes to breathe and not have pressure applied to them throughout the day.


The Waistband: as you can tell from the image below sits flat against the waist, no rolling down on itself and is super comfortable to be in throughout the day. They hug the waist real nice without feeling tight (unless you’re bloated out)




My Thoughts?

I love! These are so cool and the quality of them are pretty damn good! I love the way they look on the legs, and with these you can create so many unique looks (for both day and night)!

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  1. At first it’s special but with the weather it’s cute, with your legs of dreams everything suits you well.

    Kisses Sonia,