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Mona Delice Seamed Tights

I gotta say it is really hotting up in the UK now, which makes it harder to be in hosiery. I can’t say it would stop me from wearing any but it does make it a struggle when you’re out and about trying not to die from overheating!

So we are back in Mona; a brand I did a while back and decided to re-visit in a pair of backseams!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small (4’10”-5’5″, 145-165 cm, 45-65kg)

Denier: 20 

Materials: 83% nylon, 15% elastane, 2% cotton

Price: £7.95

Website: StockingsHQ – Mona Delice nero 20 seamed tights


My Outfit

Seeing as I didn’t wanna be boring,  I went with a little colour today. I wore my polka dot t-shirt tucked into my ribbed bodycon skirt and added my black heels to finish the look.

I kept my hair up in a bun (greasy hair day) and added small pearls.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Pull & Bear

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Mona

Shoes: Dune




The Review

From The Website: From the Mona Excellent Line, sexy Italian-made backseam tights at a great value price. The Delice range have sheer 20 denier legs with 15% elastane for durability and comfort and a cotton gusset for maximum freshness. Sheer toe.

  • Stylish seams on a beautifully sheer 20 denier leg
  • Denier: 20 – sheer
  • Yarn: 83% nylon, 15% elastane, 2% cotton
  • Brand nationality: Poland


The Packaging: so Mona packaging looks very busy compared to brands like Oroblu, Falke etc. I feel it has a lot going on with it on the front with the model, brand and make of the hosiery. The back delves into more detail (which is in various languages:

“This exclusive tights, 20 denier with seam, very feminine, perfecty transparent and adhere to body. They guarantee feeling of lightness. Without top, with cotton gusset, finger marked part.”

When you get them out the packaging, you will find these are flat packed and rolled around card. I instantly noticed that these have a sole patch on them with a weird seam line!!

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Getting Them On: I wasn’t too impressed with how the backseams were sewn on to be honest. I couldn’t get a clear picture of them before I rolled them on, but they are bent as anything! The sole of them are wonky at the bottom; neither of the feet match up and then the seams work inwards rather than staying straight all the way up. This means it’s gonna be a problem throughout the day! I hate it when seams are wonky as it looks like you can’t dress yourself from behind!

Anyways so my fifth attempt to roll them on; I  got my scrunched hosiery ready in both hands leaning forward in front a mirror to make sure that I get this to line up the best I can. Once you get your line up right to mid-calf, just take it easy to make sure that it stays relevantly straight up the rest of the leg. I know I started off straight, and by the time I got into work, they were bent so bad!



On The Legs: after my little morning struggle (and not wanting to rip them off me), I can get reviewing…

The denier of these are 20 – which is (what I call) the standard leg coverage. It works for summer and most professional places tend to have women walking around in these. I always lower deniers make backseams stand out much more.

The quality of them are decent to be honest; no snags, no runs or rips! They work for work! For a cheaper brand, these are really good but not too sure how well they might last after a few wears and washes!

The fit and feel is great; they fit really well on the feet, legs and waist with a small amount of stretch to them so they hug the legs real good. The feel has a semi-matte finish to them, which means they are silky soft and smooth to touch.

The backseam however is the bane of my life right now; it would have looked stunning if it actually stayed in place! I tried to twist and turn it so it stays in place, but as you sit and walk throughout the day, it does move the seam slightly which then GOES WONKY!!



The Toes & Ankle: have plenty of wiggle room to them and I think these are reinforced? Either that or they are sandal toe as they go a tad lighter around this section. They don’t have any extra material on the sides of the feet, which helps as you know they won’t be moving much inside your footwear.

Now another annoying thing – the sole are bent!!! Throughout the day they wiggle so much so it moves out of place which then messes with the seams!

Around the ankles, there is no sign of any wrinkles or gathering nylon!



The Waistband: I quite like. It’s quite thick and not too elasticated which makes a change. It’s different to ones I have seen on other brands I have reviewed before, and I gotta say that I really like it. It doesn’t dig in and feels comfortable to wear throughout the day. It sits around the belly button / waist level on me which I find to be the perfect section so when I sit at my desk it doesn’t squish into me!




My Thoughts?

So overall, even though they are vaguely cheap I am not too sure if I would recommend these for long-term use. I found them to really irritate me with the bent seams, otherwise I thought they were great and actually worth the money.

4 thoughts on “Mona Delice Seamed Tights

  1. Nice looking hose and I feel for you backseams can be a pain have a few pair. Learned after a struggle getting them right with no luck then read a tip about standing in front of a mirror. Being a str8 male avid fashion wearer I tried it and am getting better getting the seam straight am not a pro like women are. Will get better in time and practice lol.

  2. OMG how I just love the way your shoes and the actual Cuban heel mold themselves into one sexy, single perfect entity WOW ❤😍👍

    Tres sexy Miss.