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Mona Dalia Sheer Tights

Girl it’s still winter” a lot of people are probably thinking, but in my head I want it to be summer already, and these pair have been patiently waiting for me, so I couldn’t put them off any longer!

I have to admit I shouldn’t be wearing sheer, as I am due a laser session soon and you can see small niggly hairs dotted around the legs. Not a good look I know, but thank goodness that short skirts are not allowed at work so I can get away with covering up those niggles as much as I can!

Now Mona is once again a new brand to me; I came across it on Amazon and thought I would give it a go!

About Mona

“MONA was established in 1994. The products of our company are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials such as: lycra, elastil, stretch and microfiber directly imported from Italy. Our wide range of products includes tights, stockings, leggings, overknee socks and many other articles in many colors for every season. With modern machines and control of the technological process, we can ensure our products high quality which is important to meet your requirements. MONA products are characterized not only by high quality, but also the precision of execution and fashionable style. In addition to classic styles MONA offers to its customers carefully selected seasonal patterns and colors in accordance with current fashion trends.

Built over the years our products range includes wide choice of products for kids and women. Our collections stand out in the market with colors and designs. Due to the high diversity of products each client can find something for themselves.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane

Price: £2.85

Website: Amazon – Exclusive T-Band Tights Mona “Dalia” -15 Denier


My Outfit

Now what could I pair with sheers, that will cheer me up from grim day and still look fab? How about a white t-shirt tucked into a statement skirt and heels (of course!) I have done a similar outfit in this skirt when I had to review it along with a pair of Gatta Holdups (add link) so I thought I would bring it out once again but this time, but dress it brighter.

I left my hair down and kept my fringe back (I couldn’t be bothered with it this morning) and added small studs and off to work I go!

My Deets

T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Gatta

Tights: Mona

Heels: gifted via Amazon

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The Review

From The Website: Elegant, soft and comfortable tights. Gentle T-band tights transparent, semi mat with the kickers part. The biggest advantage that T-band tights carry is that they do not have a potentially unsightly reinforced part that may hang out from under a miniskirt. T-band tights can be worn with leotards too. Thong leotards will still leave a section of the reinforced area visible, especially in the back (and often in front too near the crotch area) but you’ll probably agree that that is far from unsightly.Great for everyday and evening wear.

  • Very High Quality
  • 15 Denier
  • poliamid 82% , elastan 18%
  • Dalia
  • Brand New in Box with Tag
  • Made from top quality materials in the EU


The Packaging: so the front shows up close the waistband and some of the hosiery on the legs of the model. It gives you the brand name and the model including the size at the front, and then at the back, it goes into more detail:

Thin exclusive tights, exceptionally female, perfectly transparent and adherent to body. They guarantee feeling of lightness and naturally deportment. Without top, with cotton gusset elegantly finished top

My Little Opinion: Can Mona get someone to proof read the English or get an English translator!!! What the hell is all that about – exceptionally female?!

Once you get inside, you will see these neatly wrapped around cardboard and flat packed. I decided to just check them out before I get them on to see the quality; and I wasn’t too pleased.

I saw that these already had a few snags on them, and a small hole around the crotch area. Just to make it easier for you all to see, I slipped the cardboard inside so it could stand out (my camera always has a moment when the lighting is dark).


Getting Them On: as these already have slight defects on them, you will need to take extra care getting them on the legs, so hosiery gloves are a must in this case. I did the scrunch and roll on both legs, taking extra care over anklets as these are quite delicate to touch (and I really don’t want any more snags!)

As I move up the legs, (and at this point the gloves are still on) I find that I managed to get more snags around the thighs! I mean what is up with these???


On The Legs: now on the legs, these are great. They fit really well, have a gorgeous shine to them and feel amazing on too. They have a silk finish to them which means you’re legs won’t stay crossed for long!

The denier is just to die for being 15 – perfect for those who love to flaunt their legs and just want minimal coverage. I found it to be enough for cold days as I wouldn’t go any lower; I don’t want my legs to freeze off!

Now the quality I do have an issue with; to begin with they were snagged, getting them on they snagged and during the day they snagged. It’s a pair that is a one-off; wear the once and just chuck in the bin! I am pretty disappointed in these, but then again others in their brand could be much better.

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The Toes & Ankles: so around the feet and toes, these are great! They have great coverage, and there is plenty of wiggle room in them too. I didn’t find any snags around this part (thank goodness!) so they’re good to go with peep toes and open toe shoes.

Around the ankles, these fit really well and are fine against anklets as long as they aren’t sharp or have any rough edges. I put mine to the test with my silver floral one as the clasp can sometimes catch, but they were all good today!


The Waistband & Gusset: now this section is pretty interesting. When I got them out the packaging, I saw that these have the brand sewn in under the band itself, which is pretty cool!


The band itself is a nice thick one, which actually sits above the belly button, but the only bad thing is that you do feel it during the day. Normally a lot of bands, you find they sit lower and they’re comfortable to the point you question if they’re still holding up the hosiery, but I certainly felt it with these.

I won’t say it was digging in, but as it was quite high but not hitting chest level, it did dig in slightly when you’re sitting down. On the move it isn’t so bad.

Another little perk point is the design on the seams; I won’t show it fully on me, but they had a design on both sides which I thought was quite a nice touch.

The gusset is a plain cotton one; one that is soft and would be smooth and non-irritable against the skin.

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My Thoughts?

As much as I love the denier and the way they look, I can’t say I would recommend these. I can’t believe how many snags I ended up with (especially as soon as it came out of the packaging) and the quality is pretty rubbish.

I think these would be a one-off and straight bin once you’re done to be quite frank; I wouldn’t invest in this pair if you wish to keep them for longer.

Sorry Mona but I do hope that your other models are better than this pair!


3 thoughts on “Mona Dalia Sheer Tights

  1. Once again then, qualitywise, rather be starin’ than wearin’. 😛
    They do look fab on those exquisite legs though.
    Thumbs up on that gorgeous look at least Mrs 👍